The Tao of Being Human by Paul Mulliner

Many people assume that our consciousness, our conscious awareness of being alive as a human being, is created by the human brain.

However, rather than creating consciousness, it’s possible that the brain interacts with and interprets a cosmic field of consciousness which exists as a fundamental and intrinsic element everywhere throughout the Universe, both inside us and all around us.

This cosmic field of consciousness seems to have an inherent self-awareness, a self-knowing conscious awareness everywhere within itself that we can access and know intuitively if we pay attention to it.

If we take a focus of attention inward, we can access the self-knowing awareness that cosmic consciousness has of itself.

We can actively tune in to this field-consciousness and realise intuitively that our apparent inner self awareness is actually an attribute of the field of cosmic consciousness that pervades the whole Universe.

We can sense that it’s the intrinsic nature of this living cosmic consciousness or cosmic intelligence field-organism to be self-aware, to be consciously present to itself, everywhere within itself.

Moving our attention inward allows us to know the presence of an organising, generative source-intelligence, a cosmic field-self, a living consciousness-organism that is continuously making the whole world out of itself in an active cosmic field-process, vibrationally transforming itself so as to express itself as everything everywhere.

If we take a focus of attention inward and allow our thinking to gently dissolve, we can begin to sense the presence of this spatial intelligence-organism or cosmic field-consciousness within us.

We can realise intuitively that the inherent conscious self-awareness within cosmic intelligence is generating a sense of self within all of us everywhere.

We could call this self-awareness that cosmic intelligence has of itself a field-self and if we take a focus of attention inward, we can realise and know this cosmic field-self, the self in all of us simultaneously.

A stream of sensory information from our eyes, ears, nose and touch is processed by our brain and interpreted by the self-knowing field-consciousness organism within us and in all space, allowing it to realise itself as being present within the body of a living human being.

The seeing and experiencing we’re aware of inside ourselves occurs within a living, self-knowing cosmic field-intelligence organism and this field-self is really who we are, not the ‘separate’ ego created by our thinking.

Of course, our ego continues to be important in helping us live in the world, but now we can begin to see our ‘separate’ ego as a convenient thought-created fiction, a porous and dissolvable thought construct existing within the connecting, self-knowing field-consciousness.

We can take it less seriously and be less caught up in the sometimes anxious thinking that can emerge for us if we attach our sense of self exclusively to this thought-created construct we call ego rather than allowing ourselves to fully know the cosmic field-self.

The authentic self in each one of us is the cosmic field-self present within all of us everywhere rather than the separate ego self we create with our thoughts.

Taking a focus of attention inward and regularly knowing the cosmic field-consciousness, the intelligent aliveness that seems to be in all space within and around us, helps us to dissolve our ego slightly and lessen our sense of separation from others.

This spatial intelligence seems to be the primary stuff of the Universe and everything visible is a continuously generated expression of it, a vibrational altering of itself that allows it to become visible and touchable as trees, flowers and human beings.

Like music made visible, each one of us is a visible materialisation of the streaming flows of vibrational information emerging out of cosmic intelligence.

A cosmic intelligence which is bringing all of us and our whole world into being out of the stuff of itself by continuously transforming cosmic energy into the dynamic quantum field-patterns that appear to us to be solid, material stuff and living beings.

Let’s explore how we can know this conscious intelligence for ourselves.

In our everyday life, our attention is mostly focussed on the world around us and we may not realise that it’s possible to direct this focus of our attention inward.

While we gaze at something in the world around us for example, we’re holding a focus of attention on that thing and we can, if we choose, take our focus of attention away from there and move it inside ourselves.

This is like an inward gazing, a focussing of our conscious attention into the innermost core of ourself.

As we take a focus of attention inward and let our thinking subside, we’re aware of an intelligent aliveness, an intelligent space, that seems to be both within and around us.

Continuing to pay attention to this intelligent-aliveness helps us realise that we actually are this cosmic intelligence-stuff expressing itself as a human being.

Finding the presence of this knowing within ourselves helps us begin to live in sync with the Tao, the living intelligence-organism or field-consciousness in all space which is dynamically expressing itself as all life everywhere.

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