The 13th Step — A Global Journey in Search of our Cosmic Destiny by Jude Currivan, PhD.

The 13th Step is a phenomenally beautiful tale — and I believe, as a side benefit, that reading it will empower, activate and open your own energies — it doesn’t get better than this. The author, Dr. Jude Currivan, shares with us her 13 spiritual trips around the world as she travels for over three years activating “solar discs” and sites that span the globe. Along the way she is gifted with visions, insights, shamanic meetings, understandings of the great gods and goddesses that guard these sites, and more. The reader will be entranced with the amount of information and stories of healing and cosmic origins that abound in this book.

Those who are familiar with Currivan’s earlier works (The Wave and The 8th Chakra) will recognize The 13th Step as a continuation of a spiritual awakening that began for the author years ago. Acting upon spiritual guidance and intuition, Currivan has received an increased understanding of our emerging evolution, our place in the cosmos, the presence of additional chakras that are now being activated, and more. Readers who enjoyed Barbara Marciniak’s Bringers of the Dawn and Family of Light will find much to enjoy here — there’s new material about our cosmic origins as children of the stars and the role of the Lemurians and the Annunaki in our development. This is powerful stuff, causing a reawakening or “re-membering” as the author would say, for the reader, as we follow Currivan on her journey.

Currivan travels the world to activate a series of 12 “solar discs” that were planted here by the Lemurians millennia ago in order to facilitate our emerging consciousness and to help us to remember who we really are — children of the stars, unconditionally loved, and “whole” — not separate. The discs are located around the world and form a dodecahedron pattern that connects with the energy grid of the earth. Activating them will enable our emerging evolution on an individual and collective basis. The 13th step is the final trip that “turns the key” on the whole process.

That’s the goal, and that’s the outcome — but as the author notes, the journey is equally important — and that is the meat of the book as we follow stories of Currivan’s remarkable transformation, the discoveries she made, and the synchronicities and people she encounters along the way. There is much that is noteworthy and wise about her growing understanding of the need to integrate the shadow aspects of our psyches and much new information about the growing need in the years to come to integrate the energies of man, woman and child.

This is compelling reading and there is never a dull moment! There is one powerful site and event after another — pyramids, mountains, temples, solstices, geological rifts, star maps and more. Power, power, power is the undercurrent of this book and all in the most positive and magical way. This is power that brings hope and inspiration to all of us, and we can only thank Dr. Jude Currivan for making it so accessible, so wonderful, and so enlightening.

Dr. Jude Currivan was awarded in the UK Best Personal Development Book of 2007 by the readers of Kindred Spirit magazine!

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a sensitive, scientist, healer and cosmic geomancer, who has directly experienced multidimensional realities and guidance from an early age. She has researched ancient wisdom, consciousness and metaphysics for over forty-five years, holds a PhD in Cognitive Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Physics. During an international business career, Jude gained a global perspective and combined her intuitive gifts with a practical and grounded approach to individual and collective change. Jude has also worked with and learned from the elders and shamans of many wisdom traditions and is the author THE WAVE, published in 2005, THE 8TH CHAKRA, and her most recent title, "The 13th Step -- A Global Journey in Search of our Cosmic Destiny", available in the UK.