The Aloe Vera Miracle: It’s not Just for Burns!

The Aloe Vera Miracle – it’s not just for burns! For centuries, healers have used the succulent cactus as a natural medicine to treat a variety of complaints from cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, and inflammation, to ulcers, IBS, and more. The following is a list of ailments that may benefit from a regimen of aloe:

– Halts the growth of cancer tumors. – Lowers high cholesterol. – Boosts the oxygenation of your blood. – Eases inflammation and soothes arthritis pain. – Prevents kidney stones, protects the body from oxalates in coffee and tea. – Alkalizes the body, helping to balance overly acidic dietary habits. – Cures ulcers, IBS, Crohn’s disease and other digestive disorders. – Reduces high blood pressure by treating the cause, not just the symptoms. – Nourishes the body with minerals, vitamins, enzymes and glyconutrients. – Accelerates healing from physical burns and radiation burns. – Replaces dozens of first aid products, makes bandages and antibacterial sprays obsolete. – Halts colon cancer, heals the intestines and lubricates the digestive tract. – Ends constipation. – Stabilizes blood sugar and reduces triglycerides in diabetics. – Prevents and treats candida infections. – Protects the kidneys from disease. – Functions as nature’s own “sports drink” for electrolyte balance, making common sports drinks obsolete. – Boosts cardiovascular performance and physical endurance. – Speeds recovery from injury or physical exertion. – Hydrates the skin, accelerates skin repair.

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