The Guidance of Spirit by Asandra

AsandraWhen talking about the guidance of Spirit, we may encounter several different usages of the word. It can signify in the largest sense, the Spirit of the Universe, which refers to the pure energy inherent in all created forms. Native peoples often use the expression Great Spirit to refer to this expansive presence. Spirit also refers to our own inner being. And then, finally, we are referring to our specific Spirit Guides. This is not to create confusion when referring to the guidance of Spirit. In fact, it is important to see that all of these interpretations of the word, Spirit, are interconnected. There is the Spirit of the Universe (or source of creation), our own individualized Inner Spirit, and those that assist us on our path, our Spirit Guides. When we seek higher guidance, all of these aspects of Spirit energy are working in cohesion to assist us. This is why one must not develop a dependence on our Spirit Guides alone for direction and information. The more there is an integration within yourself and your higher source, the more you will be available to receive inspiration and guidance in the myriad forms it can appear in your life. As a Channel, my work specifically focuses on bringing forth wisdom and teachings from Master Spirit Guides. To better explain how a Spirit Guide can counsel us, it helps to understand how they perceive us. Our Spirit Guides possess the ability to see the highest and most fulfilling pathways we can walk. Spirit Teachers have the ability to view us as our true Spirit-selves, and therefore understand where we are destined on our path. With tremendous exactitude they can see what each individual needs that will direct them toward fulfillment. The more an individual recognizes that there is a higher path to walk, the more that profound levels of guidance are needed. Although Spirit Guides are not the only way to receive relevant counsel, contact with them is extremely powerful. Your Guides are with you all the time, even when you are not aware of them. The more connected you are to the guidance, the more aware you will be of your higher path (also known as the destiny path). Of course, the reverse is also true: the more conscious you are of your path, the more you will be connected to the guidance. In the process of discovering your higher path, consciousness expands. An organic awakening occurs and you become attuned to the profound interconnectedness amongst all living things. Your destiny is then revealed, and you discover your role in the emerging collective of awakening souls. Through this inspired perspective, it is natural to engage in the co-creation of a more enlightened world.

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by Asandra
ASANDRA is an Artist, Writer, and Trance Channel. For the past 25 years she has channeled Master Spirit Teachers exclusively with a focus on assisting individuals in the fulfillment of their souls' highest journey, and has an international clientele. Asandra has a story published in More Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul by Ariell Ford (Plume), and South Beach Architectural Photographs by Paul Clemence (Schiffer) and is included in the book, Miami Contemporary Artists (Schiffer 2007). She is currently at work on a book about Spirit Guides that will be published by Schiffer, 2011. For more information, visit and