The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended by Ainslie MacLeod

If you’ve ever been so lost in your daily exercises that you were not even sure what happiness was anymore, or if you are not sure you had ever even been happy in the first place, then Ainslie MacLeod may have written this book for you. The Instruction: Living the Life Your Soul Intended, is a step-by-step, easy to understand guide to do just that.

MacLeod begins by telling the story of how he is where he is today. He addresses problems that existed in his own life that kept him enslaved to misery for decades. It was only after a particularly eye opening experience that he straightened up and began pursuing the life he was supposed to live.

Spirit Guides have directed Ainslie MacLeod to write this book to put more of us on track. MacLeod touches base with a simple meditation technique before each topic or “path” he wishes to explore with you. By asking the spirit guides for assistance, you find more of yourself with the turn of every page.

Like you, MacLeod explains that the soul has an age and type, which is something of a personality. With his help and the help of your Spirit Guides, you begin a search to identify your souls age and type. This gives you a better understanding of what your purpose in this life might actually be.

Finding purpose in life would have been more than enough to enjoy this book and actually recommend it to others. I was not mistaken, by all means read this book, it has been eye opening to say the least.

However, it does not stop by addressing your purpose in life.

To strengthen you and your link with your soul, MacLeod walks you through some processes to annihilate your fears from past-lives, to control your desires by avoiding that “too much of a good thing” scenario, and to address other challenges that may arise that keep you on this “Physical Plane” with less contact with your soul and Spirit Guides.

The Instruction provides us with a section devoted to investigations. These investigations are designed, it seems, to take away the “it was meant to be” mentality of anyone in a situation that was clearly never meant for anyone. To name a few, investigations into abuse, failure and betrayal often yield solutions to and escapes from the hazardous situations you always find yourself in and never seem to get out of.

Now with those out of the way, your talents and powers can be used to move you up in the world, spiritually as well as physically. Everyone harbors some talents and can use some powers that seem to be nothing special at all. It seems though, that if you are able to use them then there must a reason for them. MacLeod addresses some possible uses, or rather the building blocks to put you on a path towards some uses of these talents or powers that might not have otherwise been apparent to you that you had.

MacLeod finishes his rather straight forward instruction manual of life by addressing the “the ten paths” and working the books message into your every day life. “All you have to do is walk the path’s”, says MacLeod. Walking these paths will guide you towards bigger and better things. It seemed to work for MacLeod.

“The Instruction is your guidebook for the future. Just how far you go with it is, quite simply, your choice.” You can choose to take the first step towards what may be a life altering experience by reading The Instruction. You can choose to not take that step which I suppose might not be as great for you as someone else thinks it will be. The best bet is to follow your intuition and decide for yourself. I will have to agree with MacLeod however when he says, “I wish you the greatest happiness and success on your voyage.”

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by Eugene Kelly
Originally from Aberdeen, Scotland, Ainslie currently lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where, from his office on a tranquil island, he offers psychic guidance to clients worldwide. He is also a member of the Theosophical Society and Toastmasters International.