The Leap by Constance Kellough

The Leap is a phenomenal book, full of wisdom and hope for these chaotic times. If you are looking to break away from the patterns of “conditioned insanity” and human tragedy that define our current world, then this is the book for you. The Leap is all about making the shift to a higher conscious — an evolutionary leap — that will stop this madness and help to create the world that we desire.

There have been many books written along these lines — remembering our Oneness, letting go of the ego and the myth of separation and changing our perceptions — but this is one of the best. Ms. Kellough, as head of Namaste Publishing, has had years of exposure to some of the best authors in the field, and she has clearly been paying attention. One can detect the influences of Eckhart Tolle, Michael Brown, and A Course in Miracles among others — but make no mistake that The Leap is its own creation, filled with insight and inspiration. This is a book of distilled knowledge, getting stronger and purer with each iteration. One senses that it would have been impossible to write such a book twenty years ago, that The Leap necessarily builds upon those books that came before it.

The Leap is all about changing our perceptions and behaviors to build a new spiritual practice and a higher consciousness. Ms. Kellough is spot on in identifying the pitfalls of ego and how they manifest on both the individual and collective levels. There is something for everybody here when we recognize the parts of us that blame, judge, scapegoat or seek outside ourselves for fulfillment or acceptance. Ironically, there is even a bit about those who spend too much time on a spiritual quest of endless “self-improvement.” The first part of the book is explanation and guidance, the second part of the book is filled with great exercises for putting this wisdom into practice. The exercises are simple, easily do-able and extraordinary in their power to shift perception.

This is a book for these times, casting a spotlight on ego, victimhood, and fear based thinking in all its manifestations. You will recognize yourself and others on an individual level and come to understand terrorism, corporate greed and government war-mongering on a collective or global level. We need The Leap to a higher functioning, now more than ever — but as the author says there is more hope now and more positive signs of a higher consciousness at work than ever before. With The Leap it may be easier now than ever before, too.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Canadian born Constance Kellough brings an academic background in Communications, Adult Learning, and Business Administration, along with 10 years' work experience in Adult Education and 15 years in business training, group facilitation, public speaking and Organizational Effectiveness Consulting to her latest profession - that of publishing.