The Living Universe by Duane Elgin

The Living Universe by Duane ElginThe Living Universe is a powerful and timely exploration of spiritual awakening and transformation. The author, Duane Elgin, transforms our understanding of the universe, consciousness, and our role as participants in the cosmos. At a time when the world is facing a host of problems, Elgin answers vital questions about the present and and offers an action plan for the future.

New research indicates that the universe is alive, conscious and participatory, and that we are a vital part of thisuniverse that is connected to everything. As the author illustrates, this view mirrors much of the old religious and spiritual traditions that have fallen out of favor until recently. Elgin explores the latest research showing the cosmos as alive andvibrant, and contrasts it with the current model of the universe.

The last few hundred years of scientific rationalism have led to a view of the universe ascold, inert, hostile and accidental in nature. Unfortunately, this view of the universe as dead has led to many of the crisis that the world is facing today. Global conflict, a shortage of resources, rampant materialism side by side with extreme poverty, pollution and a growing sense of alienation may all be traced to our disconnection to the earth, the universe and our fellow man. As Elgin points out, we may have come as far in our arc away from connection as it is possible to get, and still survive as a species. Interestingly enough, the author posits that even this journey of separation and alienation may have served a good purpose in its time.

The Living Universe takes on the big questions — who are we, where are we,where are we going? — and answers them in an insightful and inspired manner. Duane Elgin really shines as he outlines methodsfor overturning the old view, and taking action to build a responsible new paradigm.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Duane Elgin is an author, speaker, educator, consultant, and media activist. For more than three decades, he has defined the cutting edge in consciousness research, in the ecology movement, and in future studies. He pioneered the “Voluntary Simplicity” movement with his now classic first book, titled by the same name, published in the 1980s. The book provided an exploration of the practical and philosophical meaning of simplicity, as well as a comprehensive overview of the precarious ecological predicament of our planet. His current activist agenda is to transform the media, particularly television, which he sees as our greatest environmental risk factor because violent and materialistic programming has a devastating effect on human consciousness and behavior. Elgin has cofounded three nonprofit organizations concerned with media accountability.