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The intent of THE PRESENCE PROCESS is that it be the most efficent self-facilitated, personal growth procedure on planet earth. Because the implications of entering this emotional cleansing procedure are vast, it is essential that all entering it feel supported by a wide range of accessible and affordable resources. The PRESENCE PROCESS RESOURCE CENTER is compiled to facilitate this.

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The Presence Process: A healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness. This book contains the evolutionary experiential procedure called THE PRESENCE PROCESS. (Available to purchase through and )

Being Our Companion: Exploring Self-Facilitation Through The Presence Process. This is the follow-up to THE PRESENCE PROCESS and contains answers to the many questions that may arise when experiencing the procedure. (Available as a $5.00 Download through )

The Art Of Integration: A Reading Companion To The Presence Process. This book explores many of the foundational insights out of which THE PRESENCE PROCESS is born. (Available as a $5.00 Download through )

THE ESSENCE: A Treasure Of Present Moment Awareness Insight. This contains the teachings of THE PRESENCE PROCESS in thought-packages that are designed to facilitate the experience of integration. (Available as a $5.00 Download through )

NEW THE PRESENCE PROCESS JOURNAL: An experiential tool for enhancing our journey through THE PRESENCE PROCESS. This is an experiential tool designed to deepen our encounter with THE PRESENCE PROCESS. (Available as a $5.00 Download through )

NEW CONSCIOUS EVOLUTION: This is a compilation of essays written for The Presence Portal during my 2006 teaching and facilitation tour of the US and Canada. It focuses on topics intended to ignite conscious participation in our collective evolution. (Available as a $5.00 Download through )

NEW THE GREEN LEOPARD & THE CHEMICAL FACTORY: This is “a children’s story for adults”, a wonderful spell that triggers the imagination and touches the heart. This one is for the Inner Child in all of us. (Available as a $5.00 Download through )


A WALK THROUGH THE PRESENCE PROCESS (4 CD Set): This live recording of a weekend workshop takes us on an intimate journey through THE PRESENCE PROCESS in a manner that enhances our ability to facilitate ourselves through this unique emotional cleansing procedure.

HEART IS THE HEALER: (1 CD) Beginning with discussions about the origin of the book, breathing as a tool for accelerated integration, and entering a state of awareness beyond the confines of the mental body, this question and answer encounter takes us beyond personal healing into an awareness of our place in planetary evolution.

Our Heart is Our Responsibility : (1 CD) In this CD we reframe many facets of our life experience so that we may shift our approach to emotional processing from a destination-based reactionary mentality to responsible journey-consciousness. This recording also adds a new dimension to our perception of The Presence Process by exploring our role as parents and children in bringing to a close the cycle of fear that has haunted our human family for centuries.

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AUDIO ONE: MY PATHWAY INTO SELF-HEALING : This is a light-hearted and often humorous encounter in which I share my personal journey through pain and into self-healing.

AUDIO TWO: THE PATHWAY OF AWARENESS AND THE SEVEN YEAR CYCLE : This describes The Pathway of Awareness we use to enter our experience of this world and why the emotional body is the causal point of the quality of our life experience.

AUDIO THREE: GOING TO DOCTORS : In this audio we discuss responsibility, balance, and taking causal action when dealing with acute symptomatic conditions. I answer the question: “Would you go to a doctor if you had a terminal illness?”

AUDIO FOUR: THE POWER OF THE BREATH : We talk about the consciously connected breathing practice, the radiance of oxygen, and the necessity for consistency. I answer the question: “Can you talk about the roll of the breathing practice in THE PRESENCE PROCESS?”

AUDIO FIVE: EXPLORING MEDITATION : We talk about the necessity to develop a relationship with silence, stillness, and invisibility as a means to initiate mortality consciousness. I answer the question: “What do you think about meditation?”

AUDIO SIX: THE DHARMA OF OUR INNER PRESENCE : We talk about connecting with our Inner Presence, the necessity to take responsibility for our own experience, and entering authenticity by attending to the matters of the heart.

AUDIO SEVEN: THE BLESSING OF HOPELESSNESS : We discuss “feeling” as the unifying experience which delivers us into and beyond the threshold of the evolutionary leap now facing our species.

AUDIO EIGHT: OVERVIEW OF THE PRESENCE PROCESS : We discuss THE PRESENCE PROCESS as a procedure for taking responsibility for the causal point of the quality of our experiences.

NEW AUDIO NINE: MERLIAN NEWS INTERVIEW – In this interview Merryn Jose talks with me about the book, The Presence Process, which covers many topics including the benefits of consciously connected breathing.

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NEW THE 2007 NEW YEAR’S LETTER: We take a look at the year that has been and the frequency of what is to come. May this bless your 2007 with insight, inspiration, and optimism.

NEW THE PRESENCE PROCESS & THE MAYAN CALENDAR: This is a piece written for Dr. Carl Johan Calleman for The Mayan Calendar Portal explaining the connection between THE PRESENCE PROCESS and the prophecy of The Mayan Calendar.

NEW ON ENTERING THE PRESENCE PROCESS: This is a letter of encouragement written to Cynthia Bourgeault and all in her group as they commence THE PRESENCE PROCESS. It is shared with you because it contains useful information for anyone about to commence this journey experientially.

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The Presence Process Blog is a weekly PRESENCE PROCESS-related article written by David Ord of Namaste Publishing Inc. It has a facility for you to forward his words of wisdom and inspiration to others.

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The Presence Process Café is an online discussion group dedicated to the exploration of present moment awareness. This cyberspace meeting place enables us to ask questions, receive and give feedback, and to open ourselves to the guidance and insights of others who are experiencing this journey.

( Membership of this chat site requires joining Yahoo, which is FREE . To enter The Presence Process Café, go to: or get to it via )


AWAKENING TO INNER SENSE: This is a two-hour presentation on the foundational insights of THE PRESENCE PROCESS filmed in South Africa in December 2006. It is a perfect introduction for anyone considering experiential entry into the procedure and a compliment to all already immersed in the work.

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“FLOW” – The Presence Process Integration Game: This multidimensional card and board game is designed to effortlessly facilitate “the opening of consciousness” we call present moment awareness. Using the simple tool of “association”, the different facets of this game train us to recognize the feeling of “connectedness” we all seek, and to develop the stamina to remain within it. Because “FLOW” is deliberately created around the perceptual matrix of THE PRESENCE PROCESS, playing it deepens our experience of the procedure by facilitating conscious interaction with the teachings contained in the book. THE PRESENCE PROCESS GAME is a means to inject fun into our emotional cleansing journey, to teach us how to transform our drama into Dharma, and to assist us to integrate deeply unconscious issues. It contains four different games; three that can be played alone and one with up to six players.

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The Presence Process (Audiobook – Digital Download) by Michael Brown



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by Michael Brown
In the late 90s Michael began to chart a methodical pathway into present moment awareness with intent to develop a practical procedure that anyone, anywhere, could follow to initiate this experience for themselves. This procedure became known as The Presence Process. In 2002 Michael returned to South Africa and invited others to experience this inner journey. He discovered that as others embraced present moment awareness they too automatically experienced release from physical, mental, and emotional discomfort, including psychological disorders and addictions. To make this journey accessible to everyone Michael wrote The Presence Process: A Healing Journey Into Present Moment Awareness.