The Right Words at the Right Time by Marlo Thomas

The book is a compilation of personal reflections by some of world’s most influential personalities and cultural icons such as Paul McCartney, Walter Cronkite and Oprah Winfrey citing inherited pearls of wisdom as well as various moments and events in their lives which served as points of inspiration.

As Thomas writes, “Chris Rock’s words, like mine, came from his father; Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s from her mother —in-law on the eve of her wedding…Itzhak Perlman spent his career , almost forty years, living by a single, eight-letter word first spoken to him by a Russian music teacher when he was ten years old.”

There is no doubt the stories recounted by some of the world’s greatest movers and shakers serve as wonderful models for anyone needing the motivation to carry on — for anyone who reads this book, this will be truly inspiring. Yet, one of the book’s most unique attributes is that all royalties go to fund the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital — funded by the author’s father in 1962.

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by C. Tallon
Marlo Thomas is an award winning actress, producer and multi talented personality which includes having written two best selling books in addition to her continuing work with St. Jude Children’s Hospital. She has recently authored her third book, The Right Words at the Right Time (Atria Books, 2002).