“The Visible and Invisible Worlds of GOD”

***image1***My book is a compilation of thoughts originating from my psyche as well as others’.

Let me explain…

At the age of five, I encountered my first invisible friend. He didn’t have a name but I clearly remember the day he stood by me and observed the pitiful spectacle of a Christmas Eve tradition in our living room.

While I wondered what the fuss was about and how the Christmas tree related to the birth of Jesus, my friend and I noticed the irony in everyone’s behavior: my parents fought while others were busy doing frivolous things. I sadly thought that they were missing the point and that human spirituality seemed lost in a set of meaningless traditions and rituals.

My invisible and compassionate friend stood there and told me to “ask” for things. For example, if I wanted to clearly remember this very moment, I should just “ask”. And so I did. Now, thirty five years later, this memory is crystal clear in my mind as if it were yesterday–and so is the idea, to just ask.

My friend went on to teach me telepathic communication so we could communicate in the future. He explained that putting the words together and saying them fast enough would form one concept rather than individual letters or words. This was my first attempt at telepathy. At the age of five, it made perfect sense!

As I grew up, I understood that my “higher self” or “spirit self”, as I prefer to call it, was the portion of my psyche communicating with my invisible childhood teachers and friends. With time, I was able to discern and clearly retrieve messages from my spirit self portion and from those other invisible entities.

This group of beings eventually identified themselves as “Source Energy”. They form an Assembly which originates at the “Creator-Source” or the “God-Source”, and can connect with our human psyche through a consciousness we call “The Cosmic Mind”. Each being within this Assembly comprises 70 million entities. What! Could I be communicating with 70 million beings at once? I struggled with these thoughts and continued questioning the course of communicating with this impressive but invisible source until I began experiencing spontaneous healings.

These spontaneous healings, such as the sudden disappearance of the worst flu symptoms and other such illnesses, manifested enough times as to convince me that I was not imagining things. However, in response to my stubborn questioning, my spirit friends provoked some healings that were visual and quite dramatic at times, such as the shrinking of a lump on my wrist or the rapid fading of large blisters right before my eyes.

Eventually, I came to terms with these extraordinary events and began to wonder if I was able to heal others as I healed myself. I did in time help many individuals overcome acute and chronic challenges, both physical and emotional. However, the dilemma remained: how to make this priceless reality “credible” and accepted by a society that relies on facts and proofs.

My spirit friends ignored my mortal quandary and went on divulging their truths. They explained that evolutionary physical beings were created through the deliberate action and focused thought of a Creator Consciousness.

Particles “split off” from its massive body of Light and materialize as divine and celestial beings, solar and planetary systems and intelligent evolutionary beings, in that order. Therefore all created material beings and things, including humans, carry an infinitesimal part of their original Creator in different composition and proportions.

At no time, can we be separate from our Divine Creator as we remain perpetually attached to “Him” through an “energetic umbilical cord”. It is therefore primordial to our understanding that we perceive reality and all our experiences in terms of ENERGY.

***image2***This book finally came together as a result of hundreds of such message downloads. Among the many fascinating topics it covers, are: the universal organization and our place within the cosmic structure; the nature and functioning of the Cosmic Mind; celestial visitations and the process of human incarnation of our Creator on Earth; travel between realities and the time / space continuum as a tool for learning and spiritual growth.

Finally, this book is the result of direct and spontaneous communications between spirit beings and one in physical form. It is a proof in itself that any willing man or woman is capable of accessing divine knowledge and healing directly and spontaneously. More importantly, it teaches the process of experiencing your own divinity in human form, and that will transform your life. I hope you enjoy it!

“The Visible and Invisible Worlds of GOD”

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by Caroline Cory
Caroline Corey is an Energy Healer and Teacher of Spiritual Studies and Metaphysics. She conducts private sessions and workshops teaching the process of communicating and blending with the Creator-Source. She also designs live events which utilize special Light and Sound frequencies that heal, uplift, and inspire the audience.