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Stephen ThomsonThere are so many signs pointing to the possibility of 2012 being one of the most auspicious times in recorded History. There certainly is enough buzz about it too. Living in the age of communication, there is a whole range of sources, pointing to a whole range of possibilities. For example, I was in a bookstore last week where an entire section of the store was dedicated to 2012. Then last night, when I went to see the new Harry Potter movie, I saw an advertisement for a soon to be released movie entitled 2012. How we want to participate in these changing times is a decision we need to making as this fall begins and the energies of 2012 begin to intensify.

The energy on our planet is speeding up and time is moving faster. Not just from a sense of time passing more quickly, but that the evolution of humankind is stepped up. At times it feels like something is talked about and within a short period of time, it happens. The lead-lag time in the unfolding of events is minimal or completely eliminated. This energetic shift is creating an awareness that requires us to review our lives in many ways big and small. And we are being asked or forced to make changes. This may be an obvious need like cutting back on water usage, for example, or changing jobs or residences. What we can be certain of is the change is long lasting. Therefore, our way of viewing the world around us is demanding our consciousness catch up with the changes that are happening. Things are not going to return to the way that they were for quite some time, if ever. So doesn’t it make sense in a way to be sitting on the edge of your chair, excited about what is to come?

Here are three suggestions to assist you in making your way through these changing times:

Review Your Beliefs and Practices

This is a great time to look at the foundation you have created for your spiritual journey. The most important issue – the continued redefinition of God (the combination of all you beliefs) can be the subject of redefinition, meditation, journaling or going on retreat. This creative essence of the Universe is constantly changing. Along with it is the ever-growing, ever-expanding consciousness as you develop too. This is a time to make certain that you are living a life based upon the God of our realization. For example, you could ask yourself if the work you do truly represent your desire to be of service in this lifetime. Does it fill your heart? Or is it a tiresome task that takes the bulk of your time and energy?

Renew Your Commitment to Growing as a Spiritual Being

By reviewing your beliefs and your method of approaching the path, you may find some parts of your practices no longer serving your higher good. For example, you may want to ask questions of yourself like, “Am I continuing to grow in a way that is acceptable to my higher-self?” Does my life reflect my inner awareness as a spiritual person? Another advantage of this review is you may find that you have gotten sloppy in the basic steps of your practice. This may be a great time to go back over the teachings you studied over time. Take time to refresh yourself and your knowledge of the basic teachings.

Increase Your Spiritual Activity During this Period

Take a course, travel to a Sacred Site or go on Retreat. Yes, the economy is slow and these are challenging financial times. Yet, we have been through these times before and in the cycle of life; we will find ourselves going through a similar cycle again. The question for all of us is, what are we learning about money and the role it plays in our spiritual journey?

Here’s a suggestion from Jorge Luis Delgado, the Peruvian Shaman. He has been talking a lot about this period of time leading up to 2012. One of his suggestions is for us to explore the sacred sites in our own area. Within a short distance of where each of us lives is some landmark the represents something of the sacred. Through our own energy and spiritual intent, we can add our energy to a site and amplify the energy of the site on behalf of the earth and all of humankind. During this time, project thoughts of peace, love and harmony, as we travel through these days.

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