Tom’s Table Tour – Vegetarian House; Portland, OR

Vegetarian House: The pick of Portland

22 NW Fourth Ave.

Portland, OR 503-274-0160

Tucked just inside the lion’s gate of China Town, Vegetarian House is the Portland location for manifest art in Chinese vegetarian cuisine. Folks, if you want simple fare, stay home and cook. Vegetarian House is about gourmet dishes and sauces that are fun for your body and mind both the tastes are exquisite and the presentation is an Asian art form.

The proprietor and chef is Mr. Ping, originally a Hong Kong native. For those of us who are more sensitive to the energies behind the food, please know that Ping is a real meditator and approaches his food service as a part of his complete spiritual life. Fortunately, his disciplines permit gorgeous, succulent food creations and his entrees really look like the samples on the web site take the tour!

Ping’s menu is vast and diverse. It’s almost unfair to pick favorites, but such is my fate! My number one got to have it every time choice – the Lemon Chicken. There is considerable agreement among my friends on this choice. Tied for number two are Five Flavor Veggie Fish and Tofu Hushpuppy. I really prefer to eat here with a group as it affords multiple favorites in one meal. The spicy items here are superb (especially the Orange Chicken), but I’m an inadequate guide in the hot zone.

Got some picks coming up in Orlando and Dallas, stay tuned.

Tom Park

by Tom Park
Vegetarian restaurants present a special interest for Tom Park. He has been a lacto vegetarian continuously for 40 years. And he eats at a restaurant every day of his life! Tom travels the country producing speaking events for celebrity metaphysical authors with his company Park Productions. As he tours the nation, he scouts for treasures to serve you. Enjoy!