#What is Sound Healing

SoundHealingLyzCooper#What is Sound Healing? is a marvelous gem of a book, sure to inspire readers to hum, sing, chant, or drum their way to well-being. The second offering in a series from Watkins Publishing, this book combines intriguing case studies with simple exercises for practicing healing. Author Lyz Cooper has done a wonderful job of stockpiling a lot of information in a small book, and enlivened the topic with her own experiences in therapeutic sound healing.

Cooper traces the power of sound through history, from the ancient “Om” sound to modern chanting sessions, and explores various modalities and techniques. Having overcome her own medical challenges through her work with sound, the author went on to travel the world to learn and train in the field. In 2000 she founded the British Academy of Sound Training to teach and formally certify others in therapeutic sound healing.

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review by Cheryl Shainmark