You Can Heal Yourself: How to Use the Power of Bio-Energy in Your Life By Seka Nikolic

What would happen if one day you suddenly discovered a powerful ability to heal others? How would it change your life? Seka Nikolic shares her incredible journey of just such an event. You Can Heal Yourself: How to Use the Power of Bio-Energy in Your Life is an account of Nikolics experiences and feelings from the moment she first discovered her healing power to the development of her unplanned career as a healer.

One ordinary day at work, she had a routine exchange with a colleague who suffered from a spinal deformity that left him unable to walk. Suddenly, without any conscious thought, Nikolic was compelled to place her hands on the colleagues shoulders. “I seemed to be controlled by a force other than that of my rational brain,” and unable to take her hands away, she relates. After several minutes, she removed her hands and the man, amazingly, rose from his wheelchair. Dazed and in shock, he muttered repeatedly, “I can walk. I can walk.” He made his way to her office doors, and then ran out, shouting, “I can walk. I can walk.”From that moment, word of her healing abilities spread and Nikolic was inundated with co-workers and townspeople seeking help and the media looking for answers.

Nikolic writes with honesty and openness about her initial confusion and fear, the ensuing sense of overwhelming responsibility and invasion of privacy, and her eventual acceptance, curiosity, and excitement about her amazing gift. She offers, in plain language, “scientific concepts, esoteric ideas and practical advice” about what bio-energy is and how it works so that others can improve and maintain their own wellbeing.

“Our bodies are full of electromagnetic energy that we need to function properly,” she explains. It is this energy that she ” and others ” can use for healing. Nikolic stresses the mind/body/spirit connection to illness and disease. “We have to look not only at the physical symptoms but also at our thoughts and feelings, and in my experience, most illness grows out of stress.”

You Can Heal Yourself includes case studies and examples of disorders such as chronic asthma, infertility, and M.E. (chronic fatigue syndrome) that illustrate her successful healing results. In addition, scattered throughout the book, are several testimonials about her abilities and the true power of energy healing.

Nikolic is a strong advocate of conventional and complimentary healthcare working “together to achieve the best results and to form a greater integrated concept of medicine.” Over the years she has worked with many doctors of allopathic, or conventional, medicine. She hopes that sharing what she’s learned will help others to “see new possibilities for the future of healthcare.”

The book wraps up with a program for self-healing, made up of ten tips and suggestions Nikolic has used with her patients over the years. They include listening to your intuition; nurturing your creativity; staying active; eating energy-giving foods; practicing energy breathing (which includes an extensive list of exercises to practice); knowing your limitations; protecting yourself from negative energy; avoiding electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress (details about what these are and how to spot them are included); managing your emotions; and continuing to grow.

Nikolic believes that “every single element of our life affects our energy” and ultimately, our health. “We can all tap into our potential and become truly healthy, empowered and full of energy.” You Can Heal Yourself provides simple, effective ways to do this without fear. Donna Baker Church is a freelance writer and editor. Donna may be reached at

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by Donna Baker Church
Seka Nikolic is a Bio-Energy practitioner with exceptional power. The Milan Institue for Bio-Energy established that her healing powers are unequalled. Seka's remarkable success rate has earned her a worldwide reputation and many of her patients are referred to her by doctors.