8 Ways to Transform Your Health Before 8AM

8 Ways to Transform Your Health Before 8AM by Amanda Froelich atwww.trueactivist.com

It’s 6 AM, the morning is covered in darkness, and before you’ve gotten out of bed you’re already planning your day. From what you’ll have for breakfast to the extra-curricular activities you need to attend for your kids, you have a busy schedule… so who has time for health?

Luckily the following activities will not only jump start your health, but by positively benefiting your body will enhance your overall happiness, self-esteem, and support increased energy to allow you to go easily about your day.

1. Rebounding

If you have a small or large trampoline, one of the greatest things you can do for your health daily is to rebound (jump!) for at least 5 minutes. Exercise, running or jumping in general, stimulates the movement of your lymphatic system (where most toxins and mucus have coagulated on their route out of the body), therefore moving your lymph will improve the joy you feel and stimulate detoxification which will help you create glowing health.

2. Meditate for 5-15 minutes

Sit and be. Don’t let anything disrupt your hurried campaign, there will be plenty of time to think, mull over, and take action on the to-do’s on your list. For now, sit in silence and appreciate stillness. It can do wonders for your blood pressure and mental health.

3. Stretch it Out

Remember that yoga mat you bought to inspire movement? Well get it out of the closet and practice some basic asanas to improve your oxygenation, blood flow, and stimulation to the brain. Re-aligning and massaging your spinal nerves can help benefit your sense of ‘well being’, and yoga has also been shown to reduce stress, stimulate the immune system, and increase your happiness.

4. Gratitude List (10 Things)

Before even rising out of bed, be grateful. Thank (Spirit, God, yourself, your family) for your grandmother, your awesome promotion at work, your next trip, or simple, intrinsic wonders you value. Don’t let anything go and mentally give grace for at least ten things a day. You’ll be surprised how focusing on the good can already jump start a happier day.

5. Drink a cup of Tea

Chamomile, Green Tea, Black, Chai? Whatever one calls to you, take a minute — or five — and drink some tea. Preferably sit outdoors so you can bask in the sunrise, or go over your Gratitude List while sipping some herbal goodness. Medicinal teas such as Tulsi or Green Tea have very soothing effects; from lowering blood pressure to increasing anti-oxidants, this simple you-time can do some much for your health.

6. Listen to the Serene Sounds

Do you live in an area where you can hear a creek? Coyote howl or bird whistle? Kids playing outdoors? Either in your stretch session, with a cup of soothing tea, or on its own, feel the presence of all that is. There is always something happening, so be still and appreciate it.

7. Set Intentions

A great time to set intentions is before you’ve begun your hurried day. Like a vision board, set positive mental intentions for what you’d like to achieve, focusing most on the intrinsic goals you’d like to attain. Feeling and asking for what you’d like to bring into your life with a positive and happy mindset can do great things to help you align mentally and bring balance before starting your day.

8. Give a Compliment

Brighten someone else’s day now that you’ve found your Chi through your simple tasks. Thank the doorman, pay for someone else’s coffee, or just send a smile to another who looks like they might need it. Sharing the love is one of the greatest way to continue improving your health and happiness.

With all activities, you’ll find that you radiate a sense of calm, a projected presence that naturally everyone is supposed to exude. Align yourself with holistic living and thought, and you’ll realize it’s easier than every to go about your day with improved health and sense of purpose.


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