Remembering We Are One World by Stephen Thomson

“Every person who draws the breath of life affects the mental and moral atmosphere of the world.” H.P. Blavatsky

At the end of a period of meditation, I slowly opened my eyes and saw my friend Everett, who had passed away three years earlier, standing in front of me.  Everett seemed so present – so alive – in that moment, and his vital presence remained as I came into full consciousness. Realizing what I was seeing, I was overcome by a whole range of emotions, the most intense of these being feelings of love and joy at being once again in the presence of my beloved friend.

At the end of my meditation, as the seconds ticked by, Everett turned from me and moved across the room. As he moved, a transparent barrier grew between the two of us, like the iris closing on a camera lens. I could still see Everett as he turned and faced me, yet we were now separated by the invisible film. Then I understood the purpose of Everett’s visit and the   message for me. A credible messenger for me from the other side, he came to answer some of my deepest questions.

He communicated that one birth and one death impacts the entire planet. We are all energy beings who contribute to the energy mass on the earth. Each exit from the earth, with the energy we embody while alive, impacts the very farthest reaches of the earth. Everett communicated that even his life – a simple life, unremarkable in many ways – shifted the content of earth’s energy, creating lasting changes in people’s lives across the planet. To have an intellectual understanding of this law is easy. The real work begins when we live in this consciousness.

Older now, I am grateful for a life of so many rich experiences that any perceived differences between myself and others have all but evaporated. To separate myself from others is no longer my natural impulse.

At the time of this experience, I had been studying and meditating on two spiritual topics. The first was about what happens when we die. Second, I wanted an answer to the question, what effect does my energy create by being present on the earth plane?

My thinking on what comes after death, from a spiritual perspective, diverged from my Christian education and rested on thoughts that were more loving and less scary.

As for the energetic effect, this is beyond any need or satisfaction based on my ego. Central to all spiritual teachings is the law that we are all one world and one people. If my energy is, in fact, this law in action, I want to become ever more aware of my role and the impact I am creating in the world around me.

And then Everett was gone from my life again.

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Stephen Thomson is a writer living in Southern California. His work also includes psychic readings, (clairvoyant and Tarot,) numerology, and spiritual mentoring. All of these services are available by telephone or through the internet.  Check out his books on Visit him on the Internet at

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