A Master Class in Intention from Lynne McTaggart

Every year international bestselling author Lynne McTaggart opens her doors to offer intensive teaching to on the secrets of intention and The Power of Eight®. She begins with a six-week live and interactive webinar course, then places all the members of the class into groups of eight to meet for an entire year under her ongoing supervision. From her website, www.lynnemctaggart.com we read:

Imagine that this is the year that you finally

  • Sort out a long-standing health issue
  • Launch a new and exciting career
  • Make all relationships more loving and fulfilling
  • Get your finances on an even keel with a steady, abundant flow of money
  • Identify the thoughts and past issues that hold you back
  • Find your life’s true purpose

You may know Lynne as the author of books like The FieldThe Intention Experiment, and  The Power of Eight. Years ago Lynne organized groups of people worldwide and invited them to participate in large group healing experiments. Then, she conducted rigorous scientific study of these groups to see what was really going on. What happened next transformed her from a skeptic into a believer. In the 30 experiments Lynne has run to date, 26 have evidenced measurable, mostly significant change.

Now she offers this master class once a year for a small group of students. This is an opportunity to imagine the year of your dreams, by unleashing the hidden power you hold inside you to heal every part of your life, while finding your own loving ‘tribe’ and helping them heal to their own lives, too!

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“Both the Power of Eight circles and the global experiments were revealing something more,” Lynne writes, “something central about human consciousness and its ability to trespass over the boundaries of objects and other people, even the borders of space and time. We’d repeatedly demonstrated that the human mind has the ability to operate non-locally, move through walls and over seas and continents, and change matter thousands of miles away.”

Merlian News Podcasts with Lynne McTaggart featuring her latest intention experiments


Q&A with Steve Taylor, author of The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening

Steve Taylor is the author of The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening. His previous books include The Calm Center, Out of the Darkness, and Waking from Sleep. A senior lecturer in psychology at Leeds Beckett University and one of Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s “100 Most Spiritually Influential People,” he lives in Manchester, England. His website is www.StevenMTaylor.com.

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The Path to Higher Consciousness by Mary O’Malley

From www.consciouslifestylemag.com, Mary O’Malley writes, “The healing you long for doesn’t come from changing anything. It comes from the ability to see and be with what is, for who you are is awareness. You are the space that your storyteller is happening in. As awareness, you can see the spells (limiting beliefs), feelings and sensations that pass through you all day long rather than being lost in the stories they generate….”

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The Color Purple by Lisa Karmen

I have been thinking about the color purple in particular this quote from the inimitable and amazing Alice Walker: “I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.” Purple is a secondary color meaning it is made by blending two primary colors in equal portions, 50% RED plus 50% BLUE equals 100% PURPLE. In the United States the Country is 50/50 and now the Senate is 50/50 so we are no longer Republican Red and/or Democrat Blue. Now, WE LITERALLY ARE PURPLE.

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F. Murray Abraham Interviews Merlian News co-founder, Julian Schlossberg

We’re pleased to feature this wonderful interview made last month as part of a series for the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. F. Murray Abraham, actor and winner of the Academy Award among others, speaks with Julian Schlossberg, producer of motion pictures, theatre, and television, in a wide-ranging conversation between two long-time friends with first-hand accounts of working with Elia Kazan, Woody Allen, Elaine May, Orson Welles, and others.

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A Few Thoughts About Thinking

| by Cheryl Shainmark

I recently finished reading “Anathem” by Neal Stephenson, for the second time, (not something I usually do) and I was struck by an offhand observation that the young main character makes about another man who may be hundreds of years old. At one point, the old man is chanting and holds the same note for hours, (clearly some kind of re-breathing technique), and the young man ponders what it’s like to have such a different notion of time that you would want to chant the same note for hours. Then he has the insight that a mind that has done that probably has very different thoughts from a mind that hasn’t.

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Navigating Your Future – Thoughts From the Wisdom Keepers by George Cappannelli

| by George Cappannelli

Those of us who weren’t born yesterday and haven’t been hanging out with Rip Van Winkle in Sleepy Hollow, know we are in a time unlike any before it. In addition to the many challenges we face – climate change, energy, education, healthcare, immigration, wealth inequality, gender and minority inequality to name a few — we are also in a demographic revolution that will, over the next several decades, result in 50% of our population here in the U.S and Canada and in every industrialized country in the world being over 50 for the first time in history. Increasing longevity, decreasing birth rates and shrinking tax base are just a few of the startling and relatively immediate implications this demographic revolution will have for those of us who are older GenXers, Boomers and Elders here in North America and billions more around the world.

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The Year Ahead – 2021: A Time of Change by Stephen Thomson

The universal numerological cycle for the next year is the fifth cycle. The keywords that I use for describing the fifth cycle are “the year of change.” What is present at the beginning rarely exist by the end of this cycle. Sometimes change begins at the very beginning and continues throughout the year. The shifts can also occur on and off during the year. This cycle can be very intense and challenging at the same time as one has to keep up with the twists and turns that may come up along the journey. Whether it’s on a personal or universal level, what must be important is that the emerging energy represents our need for change as it is already in motion in our minds or the world, which will now manifest in the form of transformation over the next year.

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Check Out Conscious.tv – An Incredible Resource

One of the best aspects of my work here at Merlian News is introducing people to the news, food, products, cutting edge science, and leading minds that can help improve our lives and enhance our spiritual growth…. This month I think I’ve found something for everybody in www.conscious.tv

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The Words We Choose

The Words We Choose: James Pennebaker, the author of The Secret Life of Pronouns, has spent more than 30 years studying the psychological causes of physical illnesses. What he’s found is that the words we choose can affect our physical and mental health, and even alter our mood. In one study Pennebaker found that writing 15 minutes a day can help fight cancer, high blood pressure, heart attacks and loneliness.

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