Merlian News Podcasts Spiritual Healer, David L. Cunningham

In 1990 David L. Cunningham was a captive of Saddam Hussein for 100 days during the Gulf War. He was one of many “human shields” strategically placed in prisons adjacent to the Iraqi military’s armament facilities. Prior to this time he made his personal peace with God and pledged to use his spiritual healing “gifts” to heal others if and when he was allowed to live and be released from captivity. David Cunningham worked with a medical doctor who was an HIV specialist.

David’s reputation for healing reached the international actress Hayley Mills, daughter of Sir John Mills. It was Ms. Mills’ incredible life-altering experience that launched David L. Cunningham’s career on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

In this interview, David talks with Merryn Jose about his extraordinary life experiences and his work as a healer.

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While working at the prestigious Hale Clinic in London, David Cunningham healed people from all walks of life, royalty and commoners, alike.David L. Cunningham has been an accredited Healer Member of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers.


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Letters to a Dead Friend about Zen by Brad Warner

The night that bestselling author and Zen teacher Brad Warner learned that his childhood friend Marky had died of cancer at the age of forty-eight, he had just arrived in Hamburg, Germany where he was scheduled to give a talk to a group of Zen students. It was the last thing he felt like doing. Instead, Warner was thinking about all of the things he never said to his friend, since topics like spirituality and meditation didn’t exactly fit with the passion for punk rock they had shared since they were young.

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Teaching Transcendental Meditation to the Neediest

Teaching Meditation to the Neediest: John Samuel Hagelin is an American particle physicist, three-time candidate of the Natural Law Party for President of the United States, and the director of the Transcendental Meditation movement for the US. He is also an educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace…. But it is his work teaching meditation to the homeless, prisioners, and at risk children that has really made headlines.

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Klaus Heinemann On Orbs & Entities

| by Hazel Courtney

‘If you change your TV channel, you switch to different frequencies, which contain different information. It’s illogical to think that what we cannot see is not real, because the human eye is able to receive only a very narrow part of the light spectrum. Many animals can see in spectrums invisible to us.’.. As Professor Heinemann summarised: ‘Research into orbs is only in its infancy. But the photographs of these spirit emanations offer evidence – as close to scientific proof as we have ever come – in proving the existence of spiritual reality.’

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Looking at Sacred Geometry

| by Merryn Jose

I had a startling vision a couple of decades ago that led me to research Sacred Geometry. When I did, I was astonished to find that the beautiful symbols I saw in my vision have been known about and studied for thousands of years. From the Ancient Chinese geomancers to Plato, from the Egyptians and the Hindus, through to the modern work of Nassim Harimein (video), the same powerful geometric shapes recur over and over again.

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Back to the Mother: The Life of Sacred Music by Kalidas

Rooted in the Bhakti yoga tradition, my music became a way to honor the lives of some of the great beings that has made my life rich and meaningful. Bhakti yoga consists of channeling all of one’s energy to the Divine. The theory is simple: by thinking of the Divine, by contemplating the Divine, we can become Divine. Bhakti yoga sees the different religions as various paths to God. There are infinite paths actually because there are an infinite amount of beings in the universe. In this tradition, all are embraced. Every one of us has the seed of divinity, no matter how deeply it may be buried.

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Guardian Energies of Place: What Do They Feel? by Tim Walter

Guardian energies of place can be engaged in conversation just like a human being. We can have conversations with any of them, if necessary using dowsing. They are always willing to share their perspective on their awareness and seem to view our questions with patience and acceptance. They are after all, an aspect of the overall collective consciousness just like us, but they are being expressed in a different dimension that overlaps ours.

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Diamond Meditation by Peter Gruenewald, MD

Dr. Gruenewald has produced a guided meditation (audio), which is a spiritual and holistic approach to SUCCESS. The audio recording has multiple longterm benefits for the listener, particularly when the meditation is practiced daily for a few weeks. Diamond Meditation can help you achieving your full potential in life and to connect to your higher self, your inner source of abundant success in all areas of your life.

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Meditation, Spirituality & Brain Changes with Dr. Andrew Newberg

You’ve probably heard of Dr. Andrew Newberg’s work on meditation, even if you didn’t realize it — he’s the scientist who did the ground breaking studies of Tibetan monks meditating that showed how dramatically it changed the brain . He went on to study nuns praying and Sikhs chanting and found similar brain states as those of meditation. His ground breaking work led to the development of a new field of science called “neurotheology,” which studies the relationship between the brain and religious experience.

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