Ask Li Chen: Channeled Guidance for Your Deepest Questions

Jocelyn Graef is an experienced psychic, Reiki Master, trance channeler and medium. Li Chen, is one of her spirit guides who speaks through her in order that his wisdom, clarity and guidance may be received by any who seek him. Jocelyn teaches and offers both private sessions and public readings. She is the author of Great Awakenings, The Low Fat Herbivore and Honor the Mystery. See more at

Q: How can I feel complete in my life?

A: Give yourself away, Dear One. Give yourself away. We do not mean in the sense that you become subsumed into the lives of others, but rather to join with your community of the world around you and begin to serve with your marvelous and unique gifts. You do not know what your gifts are? No matter, for it is in the process of service that you will discover them.

You learn to feel complete by being of service. You learn to find your service by following your energy.

How does this work, this following of energy? It is quite literal and therefore quite easy to learn to do. It affects your physical, mental and spiritual so is easy to identify.

For example, when you are with your dearest friends or beloved family, you are feeling most like you. You come away feeling strengthened and perhaps inspired, full of joy, or calm and serene within yourself. You are enjoying being with these people in your life because you are strengthened in some way by their presence in your life. There is energy there. It is like coming away from a deep feeding within your very core. Or you come away inspired and energized and full of ideas and creativity, or resolve and purpose.

Then there are those who you dread being with. Or perhaps you think you enjoy them or feel obligated to be with them. For whatever reason, it is not a joyful event to spend time with them. You come away feeling drained and exhausted and out of sorts. What has occurred here, on the energetic field, is that you have quite literally been drained of energy without it being given from the other. The energy has all gone one way. You will never feel complete, Dear One, when you allow yourself to be emptied by others.

So. By practicing following energy in your life, wherever you are coming across it with others, you are also practicing feeding your energy. Seek out those who delight, inspire and you have inspiring interaction with. Conversely, begin to avoid and get rid of from your life, those who deny you, negate you or drain you. You do not have to analyze this, for your body does not lie.

Where you come away feeling drained, less than, physically tired, close this door. Where you come away feeling inspired, feeling more than before, pursue, cultivate and treasure. Follow that which is your deepest feeding, for know that you are feeding the other in return. When moving properly, energy moves in a circular manner. As you give, so are you given to.

When you are with others who do not feed you deeply, Dear One, you must leave. For as they do not feed you, you are not of service to them, either. There is no point in this interaction. Very important to understand that by closing the door on them, you are not judging them. Not at all. You are recognizing, discerning, that they are not right for you at this time. It has nothing to do with them, for your job is to learn to follow energy so you can more powerfully follow your path and give a greater service to the world than otherwise.

It is by dedicating yourself to follow your energy that you learn about joy. It is by following that which calls that you connect with your path. It is by closing the door on that which does not serve you that more energy is available to you to use in a more powerful way.

Serve yourself deeply, Dear One, for in this way you become more you than you have ever been before and your light will shine ever brighter. This is how you feel complete.

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by Jocelyn Graef