Ask Li Chen: Channeled answers to your questions, from Jocelyn Graef

Question: Li Chen, please tell us, where do we go when we sleep, and why?

Answer: Dear One, there is a marvelous and complex answer to a very simple and excellent question. Thank you.

There are three layers of reasons for our sleep:

Physical – To recharge the body Mental — To empty the receptacle of the mind, processing all that has been running through that mind Spiritual – To free our consciousness to commune with our higher self and spiritual family group as we wish.

First to understand is that your fundamental reality is one of a spiritual consciousness. Your temporary illusion is this physical realm you navigate when your consciousness is focused in the physical. So when you sleep, you shed the illusion and are free to go and do what you wish.

You return to reality and interact with your beloveds on both a higher plane and in a realm where not all of them have reincarnated with you. Yes, yes, this is very complex, but the truth nevertheless. So. In reality, you are spirit and have the ability to interact at the speed of thought with all those you wish to, whether they are in possession of a physical body or not.

In this regard, consider sleep your recess from your studies where you can play and reinvigorate yourselves.

This is the spiritual aspect of sleep — to give yourself a pause from the illusion of the physical realm.

The mental aspect of sleep is two-fold: To process what has been running through your busy, busy brain during the long day, and to receive messages from a deeper place within you. There is a subtle but qualitative difference between the two actions.

The processing of actions and information from your day translates into what would be considered normal dream state, these being disjointed or surreal displays or stories.

When you receive messages from deeper within — which you do on an almost constant basis, by the way — they are giving instruction or directives, always making sense, always relevant.

Occasionally, there is an overlap ocurring where you may receive messages from beyond that move through the doorway of your mental dream place and you remember. Generally, you do not. Often, when these messages are given, there is a particular message attached that is important you be cognizant of.

The physical aspect of sleep is to allow a deep rest state where the body itself is allowed to recharge and heal. All the toxins and many of the imabalances accrued throughout the hours of the day are discharged in sleep.

If you were never to sleep, your life would be severely shortened by the toxic build-up resulting in disease. Speaking strictly physically, sleep is an essential piece of health.

Speaking in terms of the gamut of reasons for sleep, it is essential to find and keep your balance on all levels.

Sleep, Dear Ones, and may your dreams of your greater reality follow you into waking consciousness.

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