Blue Deer Center at Margaretville, NY

“Come and hear my song. Let my song of love, fluidity, forgiveness and compassion permeate your heart. Take my song home with you – in your heart – and sing it to the world.” – the Saskawhihiwine

“The Blue Deer Center, located in the Catskill Mountains sits on land recognized by indigenous peoples as a place of healing and conflict resolution. Grounded in the guidance and sponsorship of elders from ancestral traditions, our programs follow from the notion of the world as a divine and living presence. Come experience the natural world from a place of heart and connection, where the beings of nature — the fire, the wind, the river, and the myriad others — speak and sing.”


“All indigenous ancestral traditions have one thing in common — they view the entire world as alive. For most of us, this depth of connection with Nature has been lost. But the sacred knowledge remains hidden within our ancestry and offers us the key to the continued survival of our people, and all the peoples of the world.

Our Mission is to steward this sacred land, a common ground upon which the wisdom of the ancestors can be honored and shared in peaceful and respectful ways that help to maintain the survival of the ancestral cultures who hold that wisdom. We provide a “home away from home” for elders of all indigenous traditions, the great wisdom keepers, to offer healing, ritual and practices that inspire balanced relationship with one another and the natural world.

Although many of our teachers were raised in non-indigenous traditions, or even outside any tradition at all, the Blue Deer Center staff carefully selects its programs to assure the teachings arise from an authentic connection to one of the many surviving spiritual traditions around the world. For more information about this, see About Elders.

Saskawhihiwine, OnondagaThis journey we make under the guidance of the wisdom keepers will help us to reconnect us to each other, the natural world, all our relations, human, plant, and animal. As we grow together in this way, we make big steps with our people, immersing ourselves in the aliveness of the world around us.”

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"The creation of programs at the Blue Deer Center follows strict criteria in determining both the authenticity of the work to be offered, as well as the ongoing relationships the teachers maintain with their traditions. Only in this way, in complete respect and humility to the ancestral lineages of wisdom keepers, can we grow together in this work."