Celestial Perspective by Pamela Cucinell

***image1***With Jupiter retrograde in Libra now and into June, it is a good time to re-connect in relationships that have drifted away. Jupiter can expand your need to relate; it can also swing wide the pendulum of justice when in the sign of Libra. Once it goes direct and re-traces its path you can see if the changes will create something lasting.

Regardless, Jupiter in Libra can stimulate a need in people to party and to make grand expressions of relating. It’s traditionally a wonderful time to marry, but isn’t going to help a relationship that shouldn’t happen! Saturn in Cancer goes direct in mid-March and crosses into Leo in mid-July. President Bush is undergoing his second Saturn transit (separation process, anything no longer supporting your life purpose is broken down and discarded). Hence, his almost total Cabinet re-vamp.

The second Saturn return in some way mirrors the first, and for the President it takes place in his twelfth house (the unconscious and secrets. Because it’s in the sign of Cancer, it’s also his family and roots).

His last Saturn return found him at Yale and joining the “Skull & Bones” society. Criticism of Skull and Bones members has centered upon concentration of wealth, elitism, subversion of the educational process at Yale, war profiteering, and especially nuclear war profiteering. In the expose “Fleshing out Skull and Bones”, author Kris Millegan and others offer evidence that Skull and Bones exerts massive and undue influence upon the foreign policy of the United States. It should be noted that John Kerry was also a member of “Skull & Bones” while at Yale. The second Saturn return forces us to face up to our responsibilities. On its heels, once Saturn goes into Leo it will cross Bush’s Ascendant (Rising sign) starting September. His growing awareness of his legacy will effect his decisions and he may feel over-burdened, resentful and isolated. Since he is the president, this may reflect in our relationships with our allies.

If he works with this positively, it will allow him a clearer perception of who he (and the US) is and how he (and we) relates to the world. At its hardest, he will feel restricted and thwarted in creating grand visions that must be tailored back. Lean times are ahead. Transiting Saturn on the Ascendant makes us loners for a time; we want to do things the way we want to do them, not the way others tell us. Perhaps the most arresting thing in President Bush’s inauguration chart is the conjunction of Mars & Pluto in the 8th, which reiterates his theme of aggressive power and corporate strength, so we can expect his vision to remain constant. The problem for the president may be, with the 8th house (other people’s money, power) prominent in the inaugural chart, he may have difficulty separating what he’d like to do (transiting Saturn) with what he is compelled to do. ***image2***President aside, Mercury goes retrograde on March 19th EST in the sign of Pisces through April 12th. Wonderful time for writing poetry and arranging your film library- not advisable to sign contracts or purchase electronics, however, if you must, try to be as thoroughly aware as possible. Back up your files regularly. April 8th is a solar eclipse Aries new moon. If you want to begin a project with a lot of power and force behind it, this would be a good day to meditate on it. It’s best to actually begin the project after the 13th, once the eclipse energy has settled in and Mercury goes direct.

Since a full moon lunar eclipse follows on April 24th in Scorpio, this amplifies your ability to drive the new project home, using the new moon energy with intention. In the world arena, April may be a volatile month; there is a lot of energetic force crackling at this time, so the more individuals who harness that energy for positive direction the less likely it will unleash in unbridled chaos.

Mid June, Uranus goes retrograde, joining Neptune and Pluto in the seemingly backward dance from Earth’s perspective. When these outer planets are all retrograde, we do best to reflect and go within. Make plans for your summer retreats. Give yourself that week or weekend workshop to paint or do yoga or whatever frees your logical mind from its daily grind. We live in a fragile world and the only way we remember to truly appreciate it is by being in the moment. You can keep current on Pamela’s Celestial Perspective by sending your email to pamela@sunburstoasis.com or going to www.sunburstoasis.com . © Pamela Cucinell 2005 All rights reserved. Pamela Cucinell Sunburst Oasis 237 East Main Street Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 914-242-5052 www.sunburstoasis.com

by Pamela Cucinell
Pamela Cucinell is an astrologer certified in consulting through the National Council of Geocosmic Research. She has studied symbols and psychology at the CG Jung Institute in NYC and is a life-student of tarot. A sensitive and an artist, she works with the symbols of her disciplines in a spiritual and mythological way. She is also the owner of Sunburst Oasis.