Channeled Answers to Your Deepest Questions: “Ask Li Chen”

Jocelyn Graef is an experienced psychic, Reiki Master, trance channeler and medium. Li Chen, is one of her spirit guides who speaks through her in order that his wisdom, clarity and guidance may be received by any who seek him. Jocelyn teaches and offers both private sessions and public readings. She is the author of Great Awakenings, The Low Fat Herbivore and Honor the Mystery. See more at

Q: Li Chen, how can I discover the purpose of my life? A: A very good and passionate question, Dear One. We see the struggle and longing behind the question here. The answer is never a tidy package, never just one thing to do or become, for you each come into a particular life with quite a long list of things to achieve. From this perspective let us remind you that in general terms, the purpose of life —for each and every one of you — is service. From this general perspective, then, it becomes quite personal and individual. But first let us look at what we mean by service. Service is anything that is of use and value to another. It can be removing trash, healing a body, cheering a heart, cutting hair, offering a smile at the right moment to one who is feeling forgotten or despised. Service is healing. Healing is a very large word indeed. So, now. Under this quite broad umbrella, how do you discover your particular gift? It is a question of remembering, Dear One, for you have always carried the answer within you. Here is how you remember: When you are looking at your life, look beyond your training and what you think you want to do. Look back. Very good. Now look farther back, yes and even farther than that. You have come into life being quite clear about the direction you have chosen as your life walk. This is revealed to you in your hearts call; your interests, what you gravitate toward, what excites you. Be assured that what awaits you is found along the path of yearning. That which you long for Dearest One, also longs for you. This is ever so. This is the God within calling you forth to fulfill your promise, achieve your greatness by lighting your brightness and shedding it on a world that is hungry for your light, your gifts, and your active and participatory presence. And when you do this, you are fed deeply. Your fulfillment, your contentment is what you receive in return. Many of you have tried to follow this road, only to give up in despair, wailing that you cannot give because you must pay rent and live in the world. Of course! This is all part of the challenge. Gifts need not be given freely. In fact, when all is given freely, little is valued. When you require others to value what you offer, you attract around you those who are willing to do what is required to receive and achieve the gifts you offer that is calling so loudly to them. Casting your gifts to the wind merely blows them away. Giving your gifts precisely and fully with a full heart and both hands to those who arrive at your doorstep is what we speak of. As you give what has been given you to give, so you receive due respect for your devotion, your commitment, your journey of learning to develop this shining jewel that is your gift. So. The purpose of your life, Dear One, is to do what you most long to do. How to live in the doing is your challenge in the world. Look around at others who have achieved this and learn from them. If you need job to pay rent until you figure this out, get job. If you have no idea yet where you fit into this world of yours, grab a broom and begin to sweep. That is a great service, too, and you may very well find yourself sweeping a particular corner that you will claim as your own. Copyright © Jocelyn Graef – Permission is granted to copy and redistribute this message on the condition that the URL is included as the resource and that it is distributed freely in its entirety and not altered in any way.

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