James Van Praagh at Omega Institute

Cultivating Spirit Communication with James Van Praagh at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY

James Van Praagh is one of the world’s most renowned and respected spiritual mediums working today. He is a remarkable teacher, author, producer, and unique intuitive. His specialty is connecting loved ones who have passed to their relatives and friends by conveying detailed messages between “worlds.” Lately, Van Praagh has been working extensively through his guides, bringing profound transformational healing information regarding the soul’s state of health and well-being.

Van Praagh says, “When the soul is in proper alignment with the divine source, the personality can begin to utilize this illuminated power and start to experience so-called miracles in every day life, while basking in its natural state of power and love.”

Now he is offering a series of workshops over the summer at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck NY:

Healing the spirit – 6/14/13 – 6/16/13 Spirit Communication – 6/16/13 – 6/21/13 Trance Mediumship for the 21st Century 8/18/13 – 8/23/13 with Tony Stockwell

For more information, go to www.eOmega.org

or www.vanpraagh.com

by Staff