Merlian Newsletter May 2013

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Merryn’s Musings

The Great Mysteries: Believing, Knowing, & Proving

Growing up, I never thought twice about whether there was an afterlife, or if it was possible to see into the past or the future, or how one could see things and events at a remote distance. My mother was a psychic, as was her mother and her mother’s mother before her. I knew as a child that I had inherited the “second sight”…. As a result, when people asked me whether I believed in things such as life after death, the paranormal, distance healing, or the mind’s ability to affect matter, I would tell them, “I don’t believe it, I know it.”

Liminal Moments by Cheryl Shainmark

Ghosts in the Genes: Cellular Memory

We’re having good friends over for dinner in a few weeks and my husband and I are discussing what to serve: I’m thinking Italian and I tell him that I want to try my hand at making homemade pasta. A few minutes later, after proposing and rejecting various menu items, I close my eyes to organize my thoughts and it happens — I see my hands as clear as day making pasta in front of me. In reality, one hand is holding a cup of coffee and the other is resting on my lap — but in my minds-eye I can feel the smooth dough against my fingers as I roll little orrechiete “ears” over my thumb….


Crystal Healing – Getting Up Close & Personal with Your Stones

Getting Up Close and Personal with Your Stones by Nia Kallhof Over the last seven years as a Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRTh) I have learned that the more I work with and open to my stones, the more I understand how much they are teaching me. Most importantly my crystal allies have taught me how to perceive, hold and transmit energy. Because each stone holds a very clear steady coherent energy field which is unique to itself, they are great teachers of what energy feels like to me personally. I can take my time and fully tune into, and resonate with, that particular vibration.


The Wheatgrass Miracle

The Wheatgrass Miracle: Wheatgrass has long been known as an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and chlorophyll. Traditional Chinese Medicine uses wheatgrass to strengthen the kidneys and blood (and reverse gray hair!), linking the loss of pigmentation to weak kidney function rather than old age. Modern medicine has proven wheatgrass to be a natural immune enhancer, detoxifier, and blood booster.

Books /Media

Qigong Meets Quantum Physics

Qigong Meets Quantum Physics Experiencing Cosmic Onenes s by Imke Bock-Mobius Review by Cheryl Shainmark Qigong meets Quantum Physics is a wonderful integration of the various principles of qigong, mysticism, and the natural sciences. In the best Daoist tradition, Bock-Mobius has surmounted the duality of any discussion of religion (or philosophy) and science, and outlined her compelling vision of how it all comes together.


The Purple Papers with Roland Comtois & Richard Spangenberg

The Purple Papers with Roland Comtois and Richard Spanenberg Like countless others who believe in the power of eternal love, Richard Spangenberg, filmmaker-owner of Connecticut-based HDTV­-Entertainment, wants the world to know that life and love doesn’t end when someone passes on… that the afterlife exists. He plans to do this with a new television show that will showcase messages from heaven.

Conscious Eating

Smart Fruit Flies Choose Organic

Smart Fruit Flies Choose Organic Produce A 16 year old student designed a research study to answer the question, “Which is better for you, organic food or regular industrially grown food?” Using fruit flies, Ria Chhabra has proven that a diet of organic fare led to measurably improved health over that of flies fed conventional fare. This comes as good news to those of us who were upset with the Stanford University research reported several months ago…


Conscious Eating

The Food Revolution Summit 2013

The Food Revolution Summit 2013 The father and son duo, John and Ocean Robbins, have gathered together some of the top names in food health and food revolution for the second annual Food Revolution Summit. This year’s speakers include: Mark Bittman from the New York Times, author Kathy Freston, the Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, and more.

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