New Zealand’s Gift of Flower Essence: An Interview with Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber

***image3***First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand are a full range of 84 flower essences and a further 12 essences especially created to help practitioners working as healers.

There is a comprehensive handbook, a set of 84 beautifully illustrated flower cards and a smaller set of 84 inspirational cards to assist in working with the flower essences. These are a new era of Flower essences in alignment with the Aquarian Age.

The first essence is the Pohutukawa. A magnificent New Zealand tree which we call our Christmas tree. Pohutukawa essence is used to encourage initiative and self-assertive behaviour and is associated with the astrological sign of Aries.

Franchelle also uses the Astrological chart to provide a magical link to tune into the individual. She says it is a visual map of that person’s essence. Spirit can communicate thru the chart. She is available to do readings and can be contacted through her website.

One of the keynotes of the Aquarian Age is co-operation and that extends to the natural kingdom through co-operating with the Devic world. The natural kingdom, the Devic realm wishes to co-operate with humankind and the problems facing the 21st century. We can’t separate the spirit of the people from the spirit of the land and the Devic realm they are all one. In the Aquarian Age there is an increased awareness of energy vibrations and flower essences act through vibrational healing.

Franchelle comments on the following questions

Madeline: What is healing to you?

Franchelle: It is the healing of spiritual sickness or soul sickness. We can heal the spirit with the spirit of something. There is a need to have something that is on a higher level of vibration than the illness for healing to take place.

Madeline: How do the NZ native flower essences help us?

Franchelle: Using flower essences we can match the spirit of the plant to address the need of the spirit of the individual. The flowers cover, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalance. Illness can manifests on one or more of these levels depending on the person and their own unique journey and so the range recognises that.

Madeline: How do you know what essence a person needs?

Franchelle: I am Clairvoyantly and clairaudiently shown and told what is required. The guidance I receive is very precise. I receive information as to the flower essences that will be appropriate directly from the spirit or the Wairua of the person, the 2 waters – physical body and spirit body.

I have been taught to access the Kurahuna, the Maori mystery plane where all knowledge resides. I perceive illness as a pattern or structure that has been created on this plane and the healing lies in the12th plane. There is no set pattern, I may gently work with it, or dismantle it depending on the guidance I am given.

Madeline: How did you go about making the flower essences?

***image1***Franchelle: In 1999 a formal call was sent out by the Maori elders for the healing needed for humankind in the 21st century and the spirits of the plants responded. I received a vision: The Guardians of this land Aotearoa. asked me to bring back the healing waters.

Working with Dr. Rose Rangimarie Turuki Arikirangi Pere C.B.E. C.M., a Maori elder and Tohuna, ancient wisdom keeper, she taught me to tune into the 12th plane. Then one day I was walking along the waterfront and the devas appeared around a Pohutukawa tree and the tree just lit up. It was the most amazing thing and I knew it was time to make the NZ essences.

The Range was made in cooperation with Devic realm and the forces of this land I was given very specific requirements in the making of the essences — where to take flowers from and when to take them.

The first essence was made at dawn on Christmas morning at the top of a sacred mountain. Spirit sees every plant as an individual belonging to a family, so each flower essence had to be made with its family. They could not be taken from within the shadow of mountain or from places where there was negative energy.

Madeline: How is this range different from other flower essences?

Franchelle: Most are created out of a personal need of the creator. An Illness in some way. The catalyst for this range was not personal. It has been created for a transpersonal need and made through the guidance received from the Devic or angelic realm. It is a new range created at the beginning of the 21st Century and the Aquarian age.

Madeline: How has the experience of completing a task you where sent here to do changed your experience of yourself?

Franchelle: The best way I can liken it is that I haven’t become anything different It’s like a process of eliminating. All I’ve done is shed and let go of that which is not me.

Madeline: You’ve let go of whatever was not in line with your destiny in other words.

***image2***Franchelle: Yes. Most people live their fate. People seek their destiny. Healing is designed to create alignment with the soul so it can seek its individual destiny. By striking out for what is your destiny you are automatically letting go of all the other possibilities and you are following your pole star. That’s your destiny. Like the star card in the tarot.. Being true to yourself. Giving something back to the world. If you follow your destiny, you are following your own star. You are then not interested in all the other shiny stars you might want to go off to experience.

The NZ Flower essences are designed to help us align to that soul/spirit relationship so that we can then use our personality and the force of it to help us follow our own star. All the aspects of our self become unified.

I started to choose my destiny at 16 years old when I bought my first astrology book and choose a life of service and dedication, from my heart and soul and mind. Wholehearted dedication to my destiny. It’s a total unconditional giving to spirit. My experience is a sense of dynamic peace. Not a passive peace. To exist in a state of readiness. I am in a state of perpetual readiness. Ready to be guided to what I need to do.

Madeline: How do these flower essences reflect the qualities of the Aquarian Age?

Franchelle: This New era of flower essences express the qualities of the Aquarian Age through the co-operation between the dual rulers Saturn and Uranus. Saturn relates to bringing something into form and Uranus relates to the divine mind — intelligent knowledge of the workings of everything that exists. Plant and divine intelligence working with humankind for a healing outcome.

The Flower essence range already existed in potential. It was time to bring this knowledge down into physical reality. This is why the essences are so potent because we have the cooperation of the spiritual forces of the land and Devic and spiritual intelligence. They are ground breaking, as they reflect the divine plan of perfect wholeness.

Madeline: How do you see the role of New Zealand in shaping the emergence of the Aquarian Age?

***image4***Franchelle: New Zealand is quite pivotal in moving the world out of the old ways into new waves of energy — new ways of understanding, new perspectives. Maori prophesy calls the new age – the age of the cherishing waters, or Wairua. Flower essences are the cherishing waters — they come from the mother (earth) and can help and assist us in healing our world. Wairua means 2 waters — waves of energy like the waves of the ocean. The waters of the universe bring vibrational transfer of information or patterning from a unified place. The NZ native flower essences capture these vibrations.

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by Madeline Harrison
Franchelle Ofsoske-Wyber describes how she was called to make this innovative range of New Zealand native flower essences by working not only with the Maori elders but also the Devic spirits of the plants and the land. You can read about her story at her web page