The Life of Ronald Hearn by Donna Baker Church

Ronald HearnRonald Hearn is one of Britain’s best known clairvoyants and trance mediums. A descendant of British royalty, including Alfred the Great and William the Conqueror, Hearn discovered his psychic talents in the early 1950’s. His communications with discarnate spirits are transmitted through tape recordings, a technique he pioneered. These sittings are often lengthy, detailed, and amazingly accurate.

Referring to himself as a psychic investigator, he has given readings for celebrities and non-celebrities alike all over the world for over fifty years. Results of these readings often provide comfort to friends and family, as well as evidence of life after death. Some of his more famous communications include American actress and singer, Judy Garland, and British pop star, Marc Bolan.

Hearn has also worked with many psychics throughout the years, including famed American ghost hunter and parapsychologist, Dr. Hans Holzer. Dr. Holzer writes about Hearn’s ‘Nell Gwynn ghost story’ in his book Window To The Past.

In the 1990’s, Hearn authored The Little Dutch Boy, an account of one of his most detailed cases involving communications from a deceased 10-year-old boy from the Netherlands. His latest book, the Little Boy that Listened: Portrait of a Medium is a biography of Arthur Molinary, one of Britain’s foremost psychics. Hearn is currently writing his own autobiography.

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