“The Secret ” – The Movie

The Secret maybe the most influential and inspiring movie you will ever see! This is a movie that really GETS IT, energy, abundance, the power of mind over matter it’s all in here! Every answer, every joy, every thing you’ve ever wanted to manifest in your life – the secret of how to do it is in this movie. It would be difficult to emphasize enough just how much this movie can change your life.

The Secret is the culmination of executive producer Rhonda Byrne’s story of how, at a time of greatest despair in her life, she stumbled into the knowledge of how to achieve the greatest joy, or anything else she wanted in her life. Starting with the key idea, she traces this knowledge back through history – highlighting the illuminating passages from sages, scientists, avatars, poets, philosophers and more. From Plato to Emerson, from Joseph Campbell to Mother Theresa, there are illuminating quotes that share The Secret

That’s the background – and in the best “Da Vinci Code” tradition, it is clear that The Secret was fought over, coveted, suppressed, and used by the powerful elite of every century. But the best part of this story is that you don’t have to be Tom Hanks and take on the Church or fight sinister forces in order to gain this knowledge. You don’t have to follow the clues or try to read the tea leaves because The Secret spells it all out for you.

Rhonda Byrnes and her crew set out to find and interview living practitioners of The Secret. And that’s what the film is all about — modern day authors, scientists, entrepeneurs, visionaries, ministers, therapists and medical doctors – all telling you how to manifest your deepest desires, and in simple terms and routines that you can walk away and do today. There are stories, examples, and commentary from Jack Canfield, Neal Donald Walsch, Fred Alan Wolf, Michael Bernard Beckwith and others.

What do you want to manifest in your life? Money? A new house? Health? A loving relationship? World peace? An end to hunger? It’s all in this movie, with direct instructions for how to obtain it. It doesn’t get any better than this! We’ve all been told that our thoughts are energy, that we create what we focus on, and that the power of attraction dictates that “like attracts like” — well, if you remain unconvinced, then you need to see this film. If you’re pretty sure you get it, but you want to take it to a whole new level, then you need to see this film!

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by Cheryl Shainmark
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