World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day – April 27th

World Tai Chi & Qi Gong Day – April 27th, 2013 Each year, on the last Saturday of April, thousands of people congregate in dozens of countries to celebrate and practice Tai Chi or Qi Gong. This year that means Saturday, April 27th, is the day! Join a worldwide moving meditation that starts in New Zealand in the morning and moves across time zones, culminating in Hawaii nearly a day later.

In addition to promoting awareness of the great health benefits of tai chi and qi gong, members gather together to share a healing vision for the world and to breathe that vision together. In fact, the theme of this year’s event is “One World… One Breath.” Participants hope to “Provide a global vision of cooperation for health & healing purposes across geopolitical boundaries, and also an appeal to people worldwide to embrace wisdom from all the cultures of the world.”

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, tai chi and qi gong are methods for balancing life energy, or chi, through exercise, regulated breathing and rhythmic movements. This in turn can alleviate illness and restore good health. Both practices are rooted in ancient Chinese philosophy and martial arts and are now used in many alternative medicine settings.

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Photo credit: Qigong photos; tai chi photo

by Staff