Accessing Soul-Memory – Channeled Essay by Asandra, Part 2


A channeled essay by Asandra © 2004

Part 2 of ongoing series about the soul’s journey.

***image1***Many people walking a higher spiritual path are seeking the way to become more attuned and aligned with that way of life. In order to understand how to do this, it is necessary to see yourself as an energy form that is interconnected to the All-That-Is (the infinite). If you still perceive your soul or inner spirit as a separate part of you such as your lungs or heart, then you will find it very difficult to expand in this manner.

The basic requirement is that you perceive yourself as the energy form that you truly are. Your soul, therefore, is not separate from you. It IS you. By attuning to your inner being through practices such as meditation and remaining focused in the present, you are able to experience a greater blending with your true self. In order to access your soul-memory, you must begin by recognizing who and what you are.

Expansion of your consciousness naturally occurs when you are increasingly cognizant of your soul’s presence. You then find yourself in a position wherein you are able to access information or memory that is not limited to a linear context. In contrast, linear memory can only be perceived through a logical, ordered perception of events in third dimensional time. If your soul is not bound to third dimensional time, however, then the memory of your soul is also not restricted to linear time.

It takes a consistent effort to shift your focus away from over identification with external reality and realign with your inner being. This automatically creates an awakening within your consciousness. That awakening is experienced through the ability to perceive information or data that is guiding you on your true and higher pathway.

***image2***People often look at the spiritual path as something that they practice in addition to living their regular life. But the true spiritual path is not separate from your daily life. The spiritual path is the authentic nature of your aliveness. When this integration is more fully realized, access to higher knowledge becomes automatic.

Part of the problem is that the linear indoctrination most people have about life is deeply ingrained. It is a kind of social training that suggests that the individual try to figure out how their life can work through an ongoing mental deliberation. This is not the same as living from your soul. Clearly, to live from your soul, requires a deeper surrender to that soul energy or genuine soul path.

It is essential for an individual to fully realign himself or herself in this manner in order to access the knowledge that is stored within their soul. This will bring the necessary remembrance to be guided on the higher destiny path. To know your destiny is to be aligned with your true path. It is the purpose for which you exist.

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