Contact Your Spirit Guides by Asandra

Contact Your Spirit Guides by AsandraThis beautifully designed book is a comprehensive training package focusing on how to contact, identify, and work with your Spirit Guides. Asandra, a professional Channel with an international clientele for over 27 years, provides easy-to-understand instructions for the fundamentals of channeling so that you, too, can contact your spirit guides. The book includes inspiring channeled guidance about the soul-path and special key points, along with lessons on how to use the unique set of 24 Spirit Guidance Cards that will assist you in developing your own channeling skills. Whether you are a beginner or advanced student, Contact Your Spirit Guides and the Spirit Guidance Cards will help you develop a direct relationship with your Spirit Guides. Click here for more information or to purchase the book. For more info: and AsandraMerlian News Podcast Interview with Asandra

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Asandra is an artist, writer, channel, and awakening human. Her paintings reflect her spirituality through vibrant color and symbolic imagery. She is a conduit for Master Spirit Teachers focusing on assisting individuals in the fulfillment of their soul's highest journey.