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Remember 8-track tapes? Beta videos? Rotary dial phones? If you do, you are admitting you are my age or older! The delivery of recorded music, movies and tv shows has changed. They are still being produced at record rates, only in new packages. This past week I listened to two new singer-songwriters on WFUV streaming online. I used Twitter on my phone, watched funny animal videos on YouTube, searched for someone on Facebook, and watched a movie on Hulu. Even wilder is that if you call me at home, I can answer from anywhere I am on my computer or on my phone using Skype.

So what does this mean for enviromentalists and food activists? It means that spreading your message is easier than ever, and you have the power and the resources to influence people if you take advantage of it. Tune in, share videos on Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, or mention it to your friends at the coffee shop. Just get involved, and tune in to the new channels. I’m writing this post about Hulu because I’ve noticed on Hulu there are a larger percentage of environmentally conscious films and shows available, and a much higher percentage of ads are for things like wind power and solar energy and social activism. I’d so much rather have my kid watching something with those ads than the chemical cleaner and pharmaceutical ads on regular television.

Here are some of my favorite food movies available to watch for free on

Supersize Me: Essential viewing- watch it, make sure kids in your family watch it. This film is a great way to get people thinking about the damaging health and social costs of a how we learn about food from marketing, advertising and

The Future of Food: The Future of Food, is a compelling and startling documentary that explores the technology and key regulatory, legal, ethical, environmental and consumer issues of our food system, including–genetically engineered foods, patents and food corporation control. In a message from the makers of the film: “In 2010 as we take note of where we stand and look toward the future, the issues raised in The Future of Food are more pressing than ever. The corporate control of agriculture and the seed supply is meeting more and more resistance from the sustainable food movement that has risen up around the world. Food and agriculture have become central in discussions about climate change, sequestering carbon, health and the preservation of biological diversity.”

Bitter Harvest: A drama about a young dairy farmer’s race to identify a deadly chemical that is killing his cattle and bringing a strange illness to his child. One reviewer wrote that this is “the best modern depiction of a United States farm and the demands of modern farming.”

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