God Among Us by Caroline Cory

In the field of channeled communications God Among Us is pure dynamite! This is powerful, vibrant material — all communications from the Divine Masters as relayed to the author, Caroline Cory. Part roadmap, part spiritual travelogue, God Among Us invites the reader to venture further along the spiritual path while offering information and reassurances about what to expect.

This new book picks up where Cory’s last book, The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God, leaves off. The first book was more general, introducing the reader to new perceptions of energy, it’s role in the universe, and our role in manifesting and creating reality. With God Among Us, the author really gets into specifics — there are more detailed revelations about the future, more information about the universe and the multi-dimensions of earth, and best of all, more instruction about how to awaken our own memories of our true nature and our mission here.

As Cory says, the answer to how to awaken is deceptively simple — it is “Ask and you shall receive.” In the first part of the book, the author recounts several anecdotes of her own experiences of working with this phenomenon, this Universal Truth, and how it changed her life in deeply spiritual and miraculous ways. Her stories of the guidance she received and the trials and errors of undergoing this awakening process are both inspiring and helpful for those of us who have experienced the odd phenomena or two ourselves. This is where the roadmap part comes in — Caroline Cory is clearly “out there” and sending us back helpful postcards from these new frontiers.

The second part of God Among Us focuses on the channeled responses to questions that the author asked — very directly, she asked, and she received! According to the author, her answers are coming from the combined energy of the Divine Masters — those who walked the earth in human form so that they could better understand the human condition. There are more details and clarifications of the nature of the Creator and Source energy that we first encountered in The Visible and Invisible Worlds of God, and then there are detailed descriptions of the nature of the Masters. This includes how they came here, their contract with the Creator, and their earthly mission.

There is a lot of information about future world developments and about how what we think and manifest in this reality has huge repercussions on other multiple planets and dimensions in our galaxy. There is helpful advice about all the changes that are coming — from the disintegration of negative, dark energies to the geological, climatic, and planetary shifts that we may expect. This is fascinating stuff all by itself.

But don’t let the wording fool you — the future “Masters” are us! This is deeply inspiring and energizing material designed to activate our own Divine Intelligence and remembrance of our true nature. Ask and you shall receive is a hugely potent and empowering phenomenon if you want to learn how to awaken that intelligence and to remember your own contract and mission. The final part of the book is a set of tools, prayers, and intentions designed to help with the awakening. If you’ve been “asking” for guidance, or what your mission is in this life, then God Among Us is the answer!

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Caroline Corey is an Energy Healer and Teacher of Spiritual Studies and Metaphysics. She conducts private sessions and workshops teaching the process of communicating and blending with the Creator-Source. She also designs live events which utilize special Light and Sound frequencies that heal, uplift, and inspire the audience.