Guided by the Moon: Living in Harmony with the Lunar Cycles by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe

We all know that the moon affects us in many ways, including the ebb and flow of ocean tides, planting and harvesting crops, women’s menstrual cycles, even human and animal behavior. But it actually influences so much more. Guided By the Moon: Living in Harmony with the Lunar Cycles is a comprehensive, down-to-earth guide for understanding and living in harmony with the cycles and energies of the moon.

Written by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe, this body of ancient knowledge is designed for both the novice and veteran alike. For those just getting started, the first chapter covers detailed information about the moon’s impulses — the phases and forces, including how lunar energies are affected in each sign of the zodiac. Here one gains a working knowledge of how — and when — to utilize waxing and waning energies, ascending and descending forces, and the effects of each zodiac sign for everything from harvesting herbs to scheduling a surgical operation.

Subsequent chapters provide extensive information covering issues of health, diet, lifestyle, gardening, farming, and household tasks. These pages are loaded with explanations, tips and advice on how to live in harmony with the lunar cycles. Reference charts, tables and lists are included throughout the book to aid in advancing ones’ knowledge. For instance, you can determine the most favorable time to cut a tree so the wood is of better quality or the best day to cut hair to encourage growth.

The central message of this book is that living in harmony with nature — including the moon —benefits all of nature. It discusses society’s negative impact on the environment and what needs to be done to change that. The authors stress that it requires patience to implement changes necessary to living more agreeably with nature, but promise that doing so is worth it. The key, they say, is paying attention, listening to your instincts, and observing for yourself.

Paungger and Poppe base the accuracy of the information on personal experience and knowledge passed down through the ages. They urge readers to “prove” for themselves whether something is true or not. They believe that the forces and effects of the moon can be proven anytime through experience. It is emphasized throughout that the contents of the book are to be used as guidelines. The book is designed as a tool and the only technical aid they believe necessary is a lunar calendar for daily reference. These calendars are provided up to the year 2010 in the back of the book.

For anyone wanting to live a more balanced and easier flowing life, Guided by the Moon is a must-have reference book. Keep it handy. Refer to it often. Let the moon — and nature — be your guide.

Donna Baker Church is a freelance writer and editor. Donna may be reached at .

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by Donna Baker Church
Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe are among the best-selling authors in Germany, where their German-language edition of this book has been a fixture on the bestseller lists for over six years. Translated into seventeen languages, it has sold three million copies and spawned the publication of dozens of other lunar books and calendars worldwide. Paungger and Poppe live in Austria.