Join the Conversation at Talk Stream Spiritual Radio

Are you interested in joining in on a spiritual conversation? Check out Roland Comtois’s Roland, an internationally renowned channel and author of “And Then There Was Heaven,” interviews the most fascinating people for his talk show. He also shares life-affirming messages of hope and love on his Soul Stories radio show. You can tune in live to ask Roland your on-air questions!

Roland may be best known for his “Purple Papers,” the spiritual messages for the living that come to Roland from loved ones who have died. From his website, we read:

“Roland has daily conversations with people who have passed. Souls who hope Roland will give their personal messages of love, healing and hope to the people they left behind. So important are these messages that Roland takes notes on Purple Papers that he carries with him, day after day, month after month, year after year, as he tries to find the people for whom they are written. He has written thousands of Purple Paper messages. Each one is detailed with specific information that only the recipient — and their loved one — would know and understand. Each one, dated at the time it was written, tells a story of a life lived and lost. And each one is tangible evidence of life after life, irrefutable proof that there is another side.”

Check out Roland’s website to listen to archived broadcasts, for a list of local appearances, or to sign up for his newsletter. He has local events and book signings throughout the country, and in the fall he is hosting a trip to Italy:

A Personal Spiritual & Cultural Experience Co-Hosted by Simpatico, Italy’s Finest September 30th through October 9th, 2015

by Staff