July 2008 Merlian Newsletter



Dear Readers,

On July 4th, The United States celebrates Independence Day. It is often also viewed as simply a summer festival, apart from its patriotic overtones.

Merlian News is also celebrating this month, as we have wonderful new podcasts to share and a new website of the month, which can be found below!

This Month’s Recommended Merlian News Articles:

Podcasts: Spirituality Merlian News Podcasts with Carole Hart

In this podcast, Merryn Josespeaks with Carole about herextraordinary healing of a terminal illness and how it led her to the indigenous culture. She talks about the story behind the gathering of theThirteen Grandmothers. Carole also discusses howthe film, ‘The Next 7 Generations’,came to be. She focuses, however, on theproduction of the documentary, theprofundity of the film, and more. Carole Hart is an award-winning director, producer, writer. She began her career as one of the original writers of Sesame Street, then moved on to other programming for children, including the best-selling Free to Be…You and Me, a record album, book and television special. She also produced a number of movies for television. Most recently, Carole is completing a feature documentary entitled For the Next 7 Generations.

Spirituality Living Through Grief by Annamaria Hemingway “Grief has a timeless quality and although the pain will lessen — the memory of a great loss becomes forever etched within our deepest being. Rather than trying to escape or ignoring the inevitability of grief touching our lives, we can become strengthened through understanding that grief, like love, ultimately has the power to transform and can offer us the chance to learn what it means to be most authentically human.”

Books Alchemy of the Heart by Michael Brown

Alchemy of the Heart is about feeling — feeling everything to live peacefully. Author Michael Brown acknowledges the difficulty for most of us to feel, especially uncomfortable emotions. His “deliberately designed perceptual journey” explains what happens when we experience turmoil, pain, and unhappiness and offers insights into transforming all of these uncomfortable feelings into living an authentic life, one of peace and joy…Allow this book to “inspire, challenge, trigger, and question” your own experience of life.

Britain Fortune-Tellers Targeted In New Consumer Protection Regulations “Fortune-tellers and astrologists will be bracketed with double-glazing salesman under the new Consumer Protection Regulations. The changes, which implement an EU directive on unfair commercial practices, require businesses for the first time to act fairly towards consumers and will outlaw disreputable trading activities..” – Times Online Please read inside for a link to the original article.

Wellbeing & Healing Fight It & Diabetic Rockstar: “Fighting For Those Waiting For A Cure” by Dena Ventrudo

Fight It is a unique non-profit campaign that aims to help financially struggling, uninsured and newly diagnosed diabetics. While larger non-profits and organizations raise money for a cure, we are fighting for those waiting for a cure. The goal is simple: To ensure that no diabetic must struggle, whether it is physically, emotionally or financially, anymore. The complications and risks associated with diabetes goes further than money. A growing segment of diabetics are suffering from conditions like eating disorders and depression, often the result of not having the financial ability to receive proper care.

Consciousness Active Imagination: Anyone Can Do It, And Everyone Should: Access the Miraculous by Lorrie Kazan “Active Imagination is a life-transforming process pioneered by famed psychoanalyst, Dr. Carl Jung. It is a powerful tool to gain access into one’s own interior life. With practice, it offers intuitives an added doorway to experience areas of psychic functioning… While psychologists advise us not to take this into practices of telepathy, for instance, but to remain with the psychological, I believe that once you are strong enough in yourself, you can extend this process into areas that provide greater psychic and intuitive understanding. For this article I asked my fantasy version of Carl Jung what he would like you to know. His response: Everyone can do it and everyone should.”

Consciousness Angel Gate Creations with Joseph Crane

Through guidance from the angelic realm, Joseph Crane, to whom the angels first appeared, has been shown that the use of sacred geometry and patterned formations, combined with the power of collective will, can create massive shifts in what we call reality. Angel Gate Creations is dedicated to calling the whole world into Oneness. Every teaching given by the angels finishes with the reminder: “Be at Peace and Teach Only Love.” Inspired, the Circle of Sevens aspires to live by that example.

Merlian News’ Website Of The Month: www.forthenext7generations.com

For the Next 7 Generations: The Grandmothers Speak, is well on its way to becoming a full-length documentary for initial theatrical release. The movie tells the story of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers from around the globe who have come together because they were told in prophecy that their ancestral ways of prayer, peace-making and healing are vitally needed in the world today.

They were also told that they must speak in one united voice to awaken the people of the world to the catastrophic consequences we face if we don’t change the way we relate to each other and our Mother Earth. Accomplished shamans and medicine women, their prayers create a powerful vision of a sacred way of life in which we can all participate.

For the trailer or to donate to the production’s fiscal sponsors, The Hartley Foundation, please visit www.forthenext7generations.com Also, please listen to the podcast with the producer, Carole Hart, previously posted on this newsletter.

Thank you once more, for your positive feed back and support!

Merryn & Team

Merryn Jose – Editor & Publisher

Dena Ventrudo- Assistant Editor

Donna Baker Church- Book Reviewer

Eugene Kelly- Book Reviewer

Cheryl Shainmark- Book Reviewer

Carl Casella – Sound Editor

by Merryn Jose & Team
A professional spiritual intuitive, writer and teacher; who lives in New York. She comes from a long lineage of practising Celtic psychics. Her web site is a regularly updated resource of Holistic information concerning the development of the intuitive faculties. Merryn is also the editor and publisher of online Merlian News Magazine, and is now regularly featuring podcast interviews with cutting edge minds on MerlianPodcasts.com.