Sound Healing Qi Gong with Mingtong Gu: Lessons 5 & 6

Sound Healing Qi Gong with Mingtong Gu: Lessons 5 & 6 All of us here at Merlian News were deeply moved by the story of Lindy’s Transition, in the fifth section of the online course, “Sound Healing.” In the opening moments we learn that an active member of the community has died: “A treasured member of the Wisdom Healing Qigong community, Lindy Bianchi, died shortly before the Advancing Weekend Workshop. She had attended many healing retreats and events and was an active, dedicated volunteer. Her journey of healing was woven into the fabric of our chi field, as is yours.” The resulting portion, part meditation and part prayer, resulted in a sensation of qi all around that was especially powerful.

Lesson 6 is where all of the good information and training really come together for the pay off. The Five Organ Healing exercise is profoundly powerful and effective, and seeing Master Mingtong Gu on this well made video is like attending a real class. One of our staff favorites for the last several years, this particular exercise has generated great physical and emotional release in everyone we know who has tried it. If you did nothing else but this portion for the rest of your life, you would be ahead of the game. The small activation exercises that follow are about moving energy through your body with various sounds and are fun to practice.

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