Spirit – New York: The First Spiritual Night Club in New York

At last, arriving in NY is the first spiritual night club, located at 530 West 27th Street, in Manhattan’s West Chelsea sect. ***image1***

Spirit is Robbie Wooton’s vision of a positive transformation through nightclub experience. Wotton who was part of the creation of Windmill Studios in Dublin, IRE; where U2 recorded many albums recognized the negative impacts of drug/alcohol upon the nightclub industry, as well as his former lifestyle. He will be opening seven nightclubs (Dublin & New York are already open) worldwide described as “light centers of earth”, among the dark nightlife industry.

Based upon his own personal experience in the music industry, and realizing how negative his former nightclub lifestyle was; Wotton understood that what many of the drug-induced club goers were truly searching for was oneness of community. While understanding what keeps patrons returning to nightclubs is the experience they have through the creation of the club’s music and overall ambiance – Wotton instead of dismissing the nightlife industry all together – will be opening seven clubs in response to the void he recognizes, in hopes of creating a positive “medium of transcendence.”

In association to the cultural movement towards New Age Enlightment Wotton has developed “drug-free” havens within the dark nightclub industry in hopes that today’s youth may experience genuine spiritual enlightment instead of the “phony 80’s drug-induced nightclub fun.” Wotton hopes to positivly affect people through the tranforming powers of music, and the vibration the DJ’s create.

Spirit encompasses an 85,000 sq. ft. facility offering three tiers: BODY, MIND and SOUL. The third floor has SOUL: a raw food/vegeterian resteraunt, the second floor feautures MIND: a wellness center featuring Holistic Healers, Yoga Instructors, Tarot Card Readers, etc. available from 11PM to 4AM, as well as the first floor, BODY: housing a dance/performance venue with walls adorned with the paintings of visionary artist, Alex Grey, which can accomodate 2,000 people.

Spirit, New York which opened in November 2003, (which followed the opening of Spirit in Dublin,) is the second of seven nightclubs, which will open throughout the world, also in Cape Town, Athens, Sydney, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro.

Please visit www.spiritnewyork.com or www.spiritdublin.com for further information.


530 West 27th Street NY, NY 10001 ~ (212) 268-9477

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