Jon Bon Jovi’s Soul Foundation Pays it Forward

Singer-songwriter Jon Bon Jovi has been helping those in need for several years. Along with his wife, Dorothea, he has used his celebrity status to give back to the community in concrete ways. As reported on CNN, “Behind the music, Grammy award-winning entertainer Jon Bon Jovi is on a mission to feed and empower those in need. His strategy is simple: ‘One soul at a time.’ With his nonprofit Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation, based in Philadelphia, the artist is fighting poverty with direct action.” Moved by the plight of the homeless, the foundation has now provided more than 500 affordable houses in the area.

In addition to his affordable housing measures, theĀ  rock icon has established the JBJ Soul Kitchen, a non-profit community restaurant that serves paying and in-need customers. Individuals or families can come to eat a delicious farm-to-table meal in a warm, welcoming setting and meet our neighbors. Based on a “pay it forward” model, diners can either pay for their own and other’s dinner, or work in the kitchen and dining room to cover the cost of their meal.

Bon Jovi now has two restaurants in NJ which have received rave reviews both for the cuisine and the cause. According to their website over 60,000 meals have been served, 59% of which were paid by donation and 41% earned by volunteering. These numbers update daily.