Try Not To Hold It Against Me by Julian Schlossberg

Reading Try Not To Hold It Against Me is like attending a master class in show business. This memoir, by Julian Schlossberg, is loaded with funny and moving anecdotes following his sixty year career as a producer, director, network executive and radio show host. The author, who has worn many hats over the years – including working on movies, Broadway shows, film distribution, television, and more – offers an engaging and impressive breadth of knowledge covering many aspects of the field of entertainment.

Mr. Schlossberg’s stories illustrate that his passion for movies and his entrepreneurial skills developed early on. Written with love and a wicked sense of humor, the author details his childhood growing up in the Bronx, escaping to the movies, and his various, sometimes illicit, though generally successful attempts to make a buck. The reader can only admire the audaciousness, creativity, and work ethic that sprang from these early mishaps and triumphs.

Try Not To Hold It Against Me is loaded with celebrity studded encounters, from the very brief to decades long friendships. You’ll find a remarkable host of household names such as Elaine May, Mike Nichols, Orson Welles, Woody Allen, Barbra Streisand, and more.  What is just as remarkable, and what elevates this book, are the business and life lessons underlying these encounters: the author’s belief in himself and his product, acting ethically at all times, his intellectual curiosity, listening to his gut, and his willingness to take chances. One could argue that these are the attributes that make for a truly memorable career.

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