When Scientists Have Mystical Experiences

What happens when scientists have a mystical experience?

When the skeptic has his or her eyes opened? When the rational comes up against the seemingly irrational? Lately we’ve been reading serious accounts of just these events. Our favorite new website is www.issc-taste.org, with it’s collected archive of first-hand transformative stories.
Originally created by Charles Tart, the website has become a real resource and a treasure house of true stories of scientist’s mystical experiences. The stories are fascinating and many readers who have had similar experiences will recognize the details of the events recounted.
From the TASTE website: T he Archive of Scientist’s Transcendent Experiences, (TASTE), is an online journal devoted to transcendent experiences that scientists have reported. It lets scientists report their experience in a safe space, collects and shares them to debunk the stereotype that “real scientists” don’t have “spiritual” or “mystical” or “psychic” experiences, builds a database of these experiences for future research, and helps us understand the full range of the human mind.”

For more information, go to www.issc-taste.org

Click here for the collected archives of scientist’s spiritual experiences