Benefits of “Dry Brushing” for Proper Skin Health

The fact that the skin is the largest body organ may be common knowledge, but did you know that the skin is the largest elimination organ in the body? Yes, the skin is the largest excreter in the body, eliminating more than a quarter of the body toxins. Thus, it is important to maintain proper skin health to prevent skin problems. Dry brushing your skin may be one of the easiest and best ways to detoxify your body on a regular basis.

Health and beauty benefits of dry skin brushing:

Reduces cellulite . Brushing your skin every morning greatly aids in the control of cellulite. Oxygen and other nutrients are brought to the uppermost skin layer through the extensive vein network in the dermis-which is the lower layer of the skin. This smoothens the flow of blood and lymph in the skin which prevents cellulite. Firms the skin . Dry skin brushing helps to improve circulation, stimulates lymphatic drainage and firms the skin. Better brain function . The improvement in circulation improves brain function and gives an individual more energy. Fats distribution . Even and efficient distribution of fats in the body. Skin Rejuvenation . Dry brushing your skin is that it aids in the shedding of dead skin cells which encourages cell growth and rejuvenation as well as improving skin texture. Healthy skin cells development . Dry brushing also sloughs off old dead skin cells and the toxic debris within them while initiating the development of new healthy skin cells. Better nutrient absorption. Dry skin brushing helps open pores that have clogged and improves nutrients absorption. The skin is thus able to breath, and this ensures a softer, healthier skin. Strengthens nervous system . Skin brushing strengthens the nervous system. This it does by stimulating the nerve endings in the skin. This is good for the overall body health.

As can be seen, the benefits of dry brushing your skin are many and pretty impressive.

How to dry brush correctly:

It is important to find a brush with soft natural bristles. Synthetic bristles often contain chemicals that are best to avoid. The brushes are typically available at a local health food store in the price range of $6 to $10.

It is best to begin with light, gentle brushing and over time the skin will be able to handle brushing a little deeper. The strokes should move toward the heart to improve lymphatic flow back through the venous system towards the heart. When dry brushing the stomach it is best to go in a clockwise motion as that works with the natural digestive flow.

The skin may be slightly flushed afterwards but should not be red or sore. Be sure to avoid brushing over fresh wounds, burns and cuts. The skin should be dry but not excessively dry when brushing. One can use coconut oil during the brushing process if the skin is very dry but be sure to clean the brush thoroughly after finishing brushing. Shower after brushing to help remove exfoliated skin cells.

Most individuals notice that they feel refreshed and energized after dry brushing. This is due to the elimination of toxic debris and improved circulation. The skin also glows and feels smoother after the whole body exfoliation experience.

Remember, in order to reap all the amazing benefits dry skin brushing, you should do it daily!