2010- A Call to Action By Stephen Thomson

Stephen Thomson, www.stephenthomson.net The astrology for this period indicates a major energetic shift starting to influence all of our lives in a way that will result in “a call to action” for each of us. Having this kind of support will be very helpful for all of us. Over the last several years, the universal energy has not contained this kind of energy. Instead, we have been in a period that best supported our time and energy being directed toward thoughts and ideas, combined with some illusion and delusion, rather than a practical application or taking action on what we know to be true. This cycle is well underway, with one cycle having ended and a new one beginning, and change is the forecast. As this energy continues to unfold and impact our consciousness, there will be a lot for us to contend with and the list of new priorities will continue to grow over time.

The Numerology cycle for 2010 is a Universal number 3. This is the background energy in all of our lives, which will influence us personally, and impersonally in the world around us. The roots of this year, were actually planted in 2008. If you can think back to what was happening in your world and the world around you during that year, you will be better prepared to understand the events of 2010, as they begin to unfold. Like a farmer, we planted seeds in 2008 which we have now tended for two years. This year, our crop will begin to appear and we will see what we really planted in 2008. Furthermore, In a 3 cycle, our nervous system is very sensitive. It’s a good time to watch our intake of sugar, salt and caffeine, as they could give us an extra case of the jitters. The number 3 is also about the Mother archetype, so look for the year to hold all things of and about Mother. This may include personal thoughts about our birth mothers, who they are, or were, and how they impacted our lives.

The question for each of us at this time will be what are the areas of our lives in which we need to take action? This step is actually a fairly easy question for us to answer, since we have been doing a lot of thinking over the last couple of years. Each of us has a list somewhere, either in our head, on a page of our journal, or written like a grocery list of “To Dos.” This is a list of the things we have felt the need to take action on, but don’t seem to have gotten around to doing anything. With the influx of the 3 cycle, combined with the astrological events, we will feel the energy building within us to finally move forward. In fact, it is important for us to take as much as action as possible on our list this year. The energy in 2011 will create a difficulty factor and to some degree make it even harder for us to get things done.

The first few months of this year is a good time to evaluate where we are in our lives, and what we want to accomplish over the next several years. There are many ways to step into this process. One way is to revisit the lists we have made in the past. After reviewing what is on our “To Do,” we need to make sure that all the entries are still valid. This means, asking ourselves if we really want the things we have on the list. There is also another approach we can use for evaluating our action plan. Remember, one of the biggest motivating forces in our lives is rooted in our expectations. Those for us and for others. If we approach our list from this angle, matching our expectations to the items on the list, we will begin to see some of the motivation we carry behind the changes we seek to make in our lives. The final step is to evaluate and ground our list within a spiritual context.

What we can be certain of is that this next period of our evolution is going to be a time when the very foundation of the world in which we live will be closely examined under a microscope, and changes demanded by us. And this is a good thing! Perhaps it is time for all of us to simplify our lives, and to live on and with less. On a personal level, and in the wake of making any change is an opportunity for us to redirect our lives and the time available for us each day. Furthermore, in the language of our community, there is a new order about to be born which will represent a more evolved spiritual consciousness. We should expect a rise in responsibility and sustainability toward the earth and its resources. Lastly, could this year and the ones that follow, hold more time and energy for us to follow the spiritual dictates of our hearts?

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