Active Dreaming: The Essential Training with Robert Moss

Active Dreaming: The Essential Training

Opening to Multidimensional Realities for Time Travel, Healing and Reality Creation

12-Week Online Program with Robert Moss on The Shift Network

New Live Training Starts Thursday, December 10

(5:00-8:30pm Pacific Time)

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Fuse Shamanism and Dreamwork into an Exciting New Adventure!

Immerse yourself in advanced practices for awakening in your dreamtime and daily life. Learn to apply cutting-edge principles of dreamwork to healing, transformation and spiritual exploration. Open to higher wisdom, a magical flow of synchronicities and an ever-expanding experience of life.

Active Dreaming offers a synthesis of contemporary dreamwork and ancient shamanic methods of journeying that allow you to be fully of this world while maintaining constant contact with “the world-behind-the-world,” where the deeper logic and purpose of your life is found. Active Dreaming is thus a way of remembering and embodying what the soul knows about essential things: who you are, where you come from and your sacred purpose in this life and beyond.

On this exciting, life-expanding 12-week adventure, you’ll learn practical techniques to bring energy, guidance and healing from a deeper reality into your everyday life. You’ll discover how to project consciousness safely beyond the body to open gates between the worlds – and how to close them when necessary.

You’ll learn how to travel, wide awake and while dreaming, to cities of the imagination, and other places of instruction, adventure and healing in non-ordinary reality, and how to read the signs of everyday life as a set of dream symbols. You’ll also be invited to meet your counterparts in other realities, and rise to the knowledge of the Higher Self at the hub of the many aspects of your multidimensional self. In short, this program is an invitation to become a full citizen of the multidimensional universe.

The Complete Course includes:

Twelve Live 90-Minute Class Sessions with Robert Moss Twelve Audio Recordings of Class Sessions Twelve PDF Transcripts of Class Sessions Twelve 30-Minute Interactive Group Practice Sessions Interactive Exercises and Questions for Each Lesson Online Community

PLUS … Bonus Collection of four audio recordings from Robert Moss:

Dreaming with the Goddess Real Shamans Are Dreamers Creative Journaling The Lightning Process for Sharing Dreams & Life Stories

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