An Explanation of The Universe

An Explanation of the Universe by Patricia Cory Ms. Cori has channeled the Sirian High Council and the Starseed Consciousness in previous books, and is the creator, most recently, of The Sirian Starseed Tarot deck. For more information, go to

Message from The Sirian High Council December 18-19, 2012

“Children of Gaia, please receive this message of love and the divine embrace of your extended family of Light in this glorious hour of celestial celebration. We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council.

We wish to speak to you today in reference to the power of observation of any given event–the quantum effect–and your involvement in the texture and quality of its manifestation into multidimensional constructs that reflect your world, your lives, and your “future.” But first, let us respond to your calls for help and assistance from our realms in the unfolding theater of Earth’s tumultuous transference into its new measure … as Gaia carries you all into the next cycle.

We hear your implorations, searching the outer realms of your imagination–the multiverse–to know if we are listening to what goes on about you. You are waiting–patiently at times, anxiously at others–to hear an answer. Your antiquated sciences, now usurped by enlightened new visionaries, have taught that sound cannot traverse the vacuum of space and so may you wonder: “Can Sirian light beings hear the turmoil that rises from Earth’s surface plane – explosive and raging? Ever vigilant guardians of Gaia, are they watching, as our world rattles and shakes its way into the new? Can they hear us calling out to our brothers and sisters beyond? Are they still there, overseeing the worrisome events tearing at the fiber of the human spirit – the very Earth herself?”

Know that no vacuum or void exists that love’s song cannot traverse and trust that there is no limitation in the universe of infinite light and sacred darkness, other than your own perceptive capacity and, for some, an unwillingness to look beyond what is served up as food for your collective. Your reaching out breaks through all barriers, touching our hearts, as the symphony of your souls plays to ours. The cacophony of the industrialized, militarized Earth penetrates the matrix of physical space; the music of Gaia’s song and of your own sweet refrains reaches us. We are here, so much closer than you can imagine, just a breath away from you, but such conceptual ‘distances’ still elude you. They are not related to spatial definitions as you know them. Yes, we are still here, we resonate to this vibratory signature. Be still, and feel our light surround you, as we hold the goddess Gaia in our embrace: reassuring, nurturing, loving the mother as she has, in turned, loved her young — and, so doing, we love you beyond measure.

We wish to reassure you that we of the Sirian High Council and others, with whom we are aligned and harmoniously in service, are particularly focused on Earth affairs at this hour. The realms of conscious beings observing your sun’s acceleration, and the evolutionary pace of all cosmic deities in transition in your solar logos, are all taking part in Ra’s extraordinary process, in ways we would like to describe to you, so that you understand how it mirrors your own process, as residents and caretakers of Planet Earth. Let this be a first in a series of messages to come.

All planetary deities in your system are experiencing great alterations in their physical composition, as well you can imagine. Despite the veils of secrecy that have been held up as screens, separating you from your neighbors, you are clear now that you have family out there sharing space with Earth: a family going through its own galactic rehearsal for the shifting, transmutation energies of Ra, the star you all share and worship. None of these celestial beings, however, is struggling in the way that Gaia struggles. Hers is an entirely unique situation, with the battle of darkness and light waging war against her great landscapes, her bountiful oceans, and all the living beings that have been privileged to be birthed in her gardens. Every attempt is being made, every guise and untruth being told, to destroy and deface her, so that her fields no longer resonate to the brilliance but rather, to the desperate gloom of hopeless despair.

That is the desired frequency of those who believe they own her; that is the infinite intention of those who wish to destroy you to move you out of their way. Lower the vibration of Gaia to such a point that the lone orphan, planet Nebiru will find resonance point and manage to be pulled through the ascension cords of Ra along with you. For the desperate beings of Nebiru, and their warrior Annunaki lords, too much love, too much light emanating from Gaia means they cannot catch the ride. They don’t resonate to love, because love is all but forgotten in the Nebiruan collective.

Rather, they are attuned to fear of their total extinction — something so unbearably immense that it shadows the heart and it has driven the collective body entrapped there into pure survival mind. That is understandable, if you can imagine their plight with detachment and, possibly, with compassion. Survival mind is how more and more living beings in the Earth reference are now beginning to perceive their own existence so, in very pertinent ways, they are their teachers.

On the other hand, as the Annunaki stir their inky cauldrons with such darkness, evoking so much fear within the global populace, they are aware that they must be very careful not to take the entire planet down, or neither Nebiru nor Gaia will make it through the ascension of Ra. They have already been expelled from one ascending star (Sirius C — Anu) and it is not their intention to have it happen anew. This is their last opportunity and they know it. The time has run out in many ways. Theirs is a dilemma — how to reach and sustain the perfect frequency to hold resonance with the Earth and achieve the ultimate goal. Ascension.

Those of you who do not carry that “knowing” within you want so desperately to be told how this will play out — you long for answers to be shown to you from beyond without doubt, without question. But know this: Any explanation of the workings of the physical universe, the greater multidimensional cosmos, your cellular composition, the interaction between sentient beings, polar fields, light and darkness — anything that pretends to describe how things truly are and how they can be expected to evolve for you is inherently wrong at the onset — if it does not acknowledge and consider your own participation in the unfolding of creation.

No doctrine, prophecy, literary work, or law can define your reality, nor can it pre-determine any given manifestation. Despite appearances, it simply is not the true nature of the quantum field. No one can do that for you, nothing outside of you can, with certainty, create a desired outcome for you. How you react— how you bring the vibratory frequency of the information into your conscious experience… that, YES. That is what we wish address at this time, in the hours of great and turbulent change upon Planet Earth: woven through the collective consciousness, and laced within your individual spirit/soul essence.

Our emphasis in this and upcoming missives is to illustrate to you how you set up the mental/emotional/physical resonant frequency with any thought-driven phenomena emanating from an individual or an experience you believe is happening outside of you. You are learning how nothing that you can observe can possibly exist as separate from you because, in the observation of any experience, you are immediately interacting with the experience, altering its nature and influencing its outcome, just as it is influencing yours. It travels through the neural networks of your exquisite minds faster than the speed of light; it triggers response throughout the body electric; it vibrates through the waves of your emotional waters. It triggers a spontaneous reaction to occur throughout your multi-layered energy forms, which you know as your “mind, body and spirit,” but which we prefer to describe as the mental/emotional and physical spectra of consciousness.

Often, you disallow and refuse to even contemplate anything that you judge to be outside of your perception of pure, loving energy because you are convinced that the mere thought of anything disharmonious will bring you into resonance with it or ‘give power to it.’ And yet, the mere thought of resistance makes it yours, it adheres to you like iron to a magnet. Innately fearing the potential of even contemplating disharmonious aspects of your existence, creates the exact opposite effect – with significant force and energy.

It is for this reason that we have invited you, over and over again, to look at all aspects of the world that surrounds you (and through which you walk) and to do so without fear … but rather with a curious instinct, intent upon observing how things really work, how they appear to be, and how your own thoughts about them determine your state of existence.

That is a key to a future possibility that you will bring into manifestation and yet even so, you perpetually change the game by changing perspectives as the observer of phenomena — a player in the quantum field. Therefore, you surely must understand that although you long for clear directives and precision information to help you through the decisively difficult hours of this mighty transition in which you chose to incarnate, you still must remember that you are co-creating it as you go along, as you observe, as you react, as you move through it. Any one telling you how it is, how it was or how it can be denies you that quintessential right to claim your rightful place as part of all that is, all that has been and all that forever shall be.

The space-time continuum is not a fixed matrix— it is elastic, as it can be stretched to fit requirements of alternative realities to the one you are currently holding focus in. It can be condensed, slowing and distorting events so that it appears that nothing ever changes. Clearly, in light of the acceleration of your solar deity, the former is true of your current galactic environment — but we remind you that as co-creators of the multiverse, you have the ability to manage time individually, once you understand the power of your own abilities as observers of any given reality. Are we telling you that you can control time? No, for we do not believe in control. It is an exercise in futility. We are suggesting that you can direct time by placing your awareness on the vibratory essence of its progressive pace.

Consider: when you experience what you refer to as “déjà vu,” you are most likely popping into a simultaneous reality–a parallel Earth and a mirror of you–and in that framework the time illusion has been stretched so that you are moving faster there — you have already completed an action there. You have already done it there, and experienced it there where your consciousness has focused, for even a nanosecond, on holding resonance in that parallel reality. You pop back to this universal framework, the only one in which you believe you exist, and when the same event occurs seconds later, you feel like you’ve “been there” before. You have. You have been there in one of the many parallels in which you also reside and hold resonance. And you are still there, you exist there and it is your attention or observation of being there or in myriad other simultaneous realities that determines where you will tether your awareness of your own existence.

Here now is the pivotal message we bring for you to consider and ‘chew’ upon as an alternative to the daily bread of those who wish to control your minds and take what they want from the Earth that sustains you.

With regard to the existential crisis that you may be experiencing through your deep concern regarding the events of your world, the solstice passage, Ra’s fiery explosions and all the factors that unsettle and shake you, know that you can create your own “time travel” vehicle to move you past this reference point, where you can already envision the New Earth. You can, through the skilled observation of other states of consciousness and the focus of that self that is fully operative in parallel universes, create a time transfer package that will shift you into a parallel Earth/parallel reality where what you anticipate has already occurred and you have already moved through it.

You are being facilitated at this time, particularly with the activation of your DNA, to be able to recognize how you can be walking through different worlds at different paces and that you can glean the information you need by putting your attention there. Imagine yourself on a racetrack, ten deep of alternate or parallels of you, where each version of you is running at a different speed. Each individual form of you is absorbed in the journey but is capable of observing the others, moving at different speeds, once its focus is distracted from the forward impetus. Soon, the pace quickens or slows. The mere observing of the other breaks the focus and intention of the forward direction, and there is a tendency to reach resonance with the pace of the other.

We would be honored to assist you in taking a quantum leap forward to observe what lies ahead — to a parallel Earth where you have already passed through it — and then bring you back so that you can ground yourselves in that knowing — that trust. If you wish to participate, we are here to assist you in preparing yourselves for such a time transfer package in the hours just ahead of you, precisely during the “violet hour” in the Earth reference location of our instrument, Trydjya.*

You will need to take no food from the reading of this missive until the violet hour, you will have removed excess electromagnetic interference from your home, your body, your environments. You will be particularly facilitated if all electronic devices are completely unplugged, batteries detached, the home environmental wave frequencies deactivated. Let animals surround you with their extraordinary sensitivities — you will find many are refusing food in this time of transition. They are attuned to the galactic forces, far more than many of you because they are in their feeling, intuitive bodies at all times, where many human beings are in their mental bodies and have trouble escaping them. They are aware.

Your digestive system must be clear and unencumbered with the laborious process of that process — digestion — and ideally no dead substances in the body being processed. Drink water, elevated energetically through your prayers, thoughts and imprinting, so that your electromagnetic biological unit is at its most conductive energetically.

We are going to work with Gaia’s electromagnetic energy grid in a north-south alignment therefore you will be most receptive if you prepare to lie with your head facing north, feet south. At this time Earth’s north is the farthest away from the sun. Ra is aligned with Galactic Center, 6.57 degrees north. Sirius is directly aligned to the Giza Plateau, the portal for cosmic energies that pass through the body of Gaia.

We are setting our intention, for those of you who have attuned and created the environment through which to be involved, to create a momentary shift in the space-time continuum, expanding it, as we have described, long enough that you can experience that leap in consciousness where you can experience that parallel where you have already moved forward. From our perspective, we do know how to alter the space-time matrix; your military/scientific teams are working on that now as well. We are capable of stretching that elastic for a brief moment, but it will snap back — this will be only a brief vision of the landscape that lies ahead of you. We wish to gift you with this vision of tomorrow — the tomorrow that soon you will know as the no-time.

At the appointed hour we invite you to lie back, breathe in the heartbeat of Gaia, close your eyes, freeing yourself of the sensate world, and join us in opening a window through which your soul can soar higher.

Wherever you are, whatever you experience, enjoy the journey. And be fearless, always remembering that you are immortal beings, sparks of divinity, exploring the infinite artistry of Creation.”

–We are the Speakers of the Sirian High Council

©Patricia Cori

Credit: Patricia Cori

*The Council is referring to 4:00 a.m. Central European time on the 21 December. Please adjust your time zones to coincide with this precise timing.

by Patricia Cori
Patricia Cori has channeled the Sirian High Council and the Starseed Consciousness in previous books, and is the creator, most recently, of The Sirian Starseed Tarot deck.