Ashes & Grace/The PEACE Flow: The Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu By Mitzi & Don Adams

Ashes & Grace

Our planet is going through a dimensional shift. It is crucial that we update our spiritual lives to heighten the vibration needed to combat negative energy. We stand to lose too much if we do not come together as humanity to balance these shifts.

We create our own reality. Potent are our thoughts, actions, and deeds, as they are part of that vibration. Onward presses the Middle Eastern tensions, as war disturbs this delicate, spiritual infrastructure. Every death dampens the light. Every bomb drowns out our ability to hear, and every thought of hate impedes our openness to help. It is a trance-like state of sacrifice that has permeated the Mid-East. It is an inequality that has surpassed reason and now burns like acid on the tongues of the survivors.

It is prophecy, yet love and light can still polarize and reverse the darkness and chaos, promoting peace and understanding…with the grace of God.

Where do these people get the courage to live on? They escape injustice, yet still tolerate sub-human conditions. They cross borders, they cross bridges, and they escape the backdrop of burning cities and car bombs. Yet, small victories stir their souls and strengthen their faith to find shelter and rebuild in the midst of all that tragedy; but, they know what’s happening is not ok. IT’S NOT OK! Civil unrest has shattered the birthright of their freedom. Yet, flying bullets cannot penetrate their perseverance.

Grace is stronger than grenades. Grace extinguishes smoldering ash…

Mitzi Adams 11/28/06

The PEACE Flow

by Don Adams

***image1***There is no coincidence that there are 26 letters in the alphabet and that, in Jin Shin Jyutsu®, there are 26 Safety Energy Locks (SELs) (powerful energy vortexes located on the body). Many practitioners believe that there is an innate numerological connection between the two. I happen to be one of them. The belief is that whatever you desire from your life, do the flow that corresponds to that wish.

In these troubled times where we struggle with questions of war and peace, what better flow to do than a flow for “PEACE”?

First, associate each letter in the word PEACE with a letter of the alphabet. i. e. If A = 1 and B = 2, then P = 16 (outside ankle); E = 5 (inside ankle); A = 1 (inside knee); C = 3 (back of your shoulder); E = 5 (inside ankle).

Now, start by placing your LEFT HAND on your LEFT 16 and your RIGHT HAND on your LEFT 5. Keeping your LH on your LEFT 16, move your RH to your LEFT 1. Now move your RH to your LEFT 3. Finally, move your RH back to your LEFT 5. Reverse and repeat on the RIGHT side. (Hold each SEL for 2-3 minutes)

In Jin Shin Jyutsu, not only is there a correlation between the SELs and the letters of the alphabet, but each SEL has a unique attribute, or physio-philosophy. For example, in the word, PEACE:

P = 16 = transformation

E = 5 = the number of man; regeneration

A = 1 = the prime mover

C = 3 = understanding

In order for PEACE to exist in these turbulent times, MAN (5) must take the initiative… make the MOVE (1)… to TRANSFORM (16) himself into a creature of love and UNDERSTANDING (3).

May you have peace in your life… now and always.

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by Mitzi Adams & Don Adams
Mitzi Adams is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner with private practice in Connecticut and New York City.