Collecting For Carnivores – Wolf Center’s New Recycling Program

Collecting For Carnivores: Check out what’s new at the Wolf Conservation Center

Atka recycles – Do you?

The Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) just launched a new recycling campaign that doubles as a fundraiser!

Here’s how it works: Contact the WCC’s Spencer Wilhelm (email or call 914-763-2373 x2) Recycle4Education will ship collection boxes and prepaid shipping labels directly to your home, business, or organization Collect recyclables Drop off at nearest UPS using Recycle4Education’s boxes and prepaid shipping labels WCC receives your support!

Even if the recyclable item does not earn the WCC cash rewards, Recycle4Education will still recycle that item for you.

The WCC Is looking to partner with individuals, schools, scout groups, environmental clubs, land trusts, small and large businesses, etc.. and we will gladly list your organization on our website to reflect your support. If you have any questions, please email or call 914-763-2373 x2.

Thank you and please help us spread the word!

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