House Healing by Tim Walter

Architects and designers are aware of a phenomenon called “sick building syndrome.” My work can address some of the issues found in sick building syndrome such as detrimental Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) but usually the work I do is to assist people who are either suffering unusual effects from being in their homes or they have come to me suffering from symptoms that are collectively referred to as Geopathic Stress.

Geopathic Stress is a mixture of symptoms not widely recognised by the pharmaceutical based medical profession but which add up to create a picture of general poor-health or discomfort for a person while in their home or place of work. Physical symptoms can range from nausea, headaches, troubled vision or prolonged periods of poor sleep to mental & emotional states that include depression, despondency and anxiety. Symptoms seem to worsen the longer the person remains in the building and improve when they are away from it.

Please note that if you are experiencing the above symptoms for a prolonged length of time your priority should be to first seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner, if they cannot help then please contact me.

Some people are more sensitive to their environment than others. Highly Sensitive People can be overwhelmed by the effects of different geomagnetic and electromagnetic fields within their homes, some of which are created naturally (identified with the catch-all heading “Earth Energy”) and some are created by electronic goods (often called technopathic stress). And there are many more influences as these selected headings from my home audit report shows: Auric field disturbances, Thought forms, Past life/karmic issues, Psychic chords/psychic attack, Underground water flows, Geological fault lines, Leylines, and more.

House healing or modern “geomancy” as it is often called is a way of treating a collection of symptoms known as geopathic stress. That is generally a feeling of being unwell or unsettled when in a specific building. Sometimes symptoms can be more mental than physical ranging from a loss of ‘joi de vivre’ to depression. We all have our own power to make change in our lives. Sometimes though we need help from outside to enable us to find our new path and set off in the right direction. Clarity of thought, understanding of new phenomena or even a reduction in life’s stress can be achieved through working with some of the subtle influences that we are all subjected to every day in our homes or at work. These subtle energies most definitely don’t affect everyone in the same way, rather like two people can react completely differently to some foods. Typically Highly Sensitive People will be aware of subtle energies around them far more than those of us who are less sensitive. Coming to terms with these energies can be a life changing experience.

Would you like to be a part of a growing network of professional house healers? I am really thrilled to be able to say that my Knights Rose Network of House Healers now provides learning and support for all its members including advice on running a business as well as guidance, inspiration and practical subtle energy re-balancing assistance throughout its membership.

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Reprinted by kind permission of Tim Walter at Writing scripts, making television programmes and producing conferences since the early eighties, Tim’s life changed dramatically when he and his family moved to a large Georgian townhouse in the Forest of Dean, England. There were many strange things that occurred in that house as it transpired all that was required were the services of a dowser, something Tim had never heard of at the time.

Tim was fortunate to work with the great late Hamish Miller who became Tim’s mentor during the last 7 years of his life before passing in 2010. Today Tim lives in North Yorkshire and is a transformational life coach using Personal Subtle Energy Management, a Geomancer and EFT practitioner. He uses these intuitive tools to help people change their realities so they live as their fullest selves at peace in their own worlds. Tim runs workshops on psychic development, dowsing, meditation and mindfulness, and gives talks on the power of our subjective realities to heal the self. He is co-author, with Adrian Incledon-Webber, of Spirit & Earth.

A Sacred Garden Primer by Jan Johnsen

| by Jan Johnsen

Sacred gardens’ is my term for outdoor spaces designed specifically to promote a communion with Spirit through attunement with nature. Gardens designed to enhance a person’s awareness can be both beautiful and transcendent. Just as a walk in the woods can be much more than a pleasant stroll, so can a pretty garden be more than just a lovely place. The difference is both in the appreciation and awareness of the visitor and the intent of the garden maker.

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How Clean Is Your Biofield? Recognizing and eliminating EMF in your environment

| by Merlian News

There has been a great deal of research in the last several years about the impact of electrical, cellular, microwave and other energies on the human body. Our electromagnetic fields or EMF, also known as our biofield, can be affected or disrupted by the electrical signals or radiation emited by such common devices as cell phones, computers and electrical lines. Detecting unwanted radiation and eliminating it has become a new focus for those concerned with their health.

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Starting Seeds Indoors for Spring Planting

| by Priscilla Warhowsky

Who doesn’t love to walk into the garden and pick a summer ripened juicy tomato to eat off the vine or slice up later with basil and olive oil? It’s almost a rite of summer for gardeners. Many summer vegetables that love heat such as tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers can be started indoors as seeds in late March to mid April to get a head start on the season. Starting seeds indoors is easy, fun, and you get to watch your creation from seed to plant to your dinner plate….

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Air Pollution Levels Rise Over the Last Two Years

Air pollution levels have gotten worse since 2016 as the last two years have seen an increase in small particulates affecting air quality. In 2018 alone, eroding air quality was linked to nearly 10,000 additional deaths in the US relative to the 2016 benchmark, the year in which small-particle pollution reached a two-decade low, according to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Moving Transplants Into the Summer Garden by Priscilla Warshowsky

| by Priscilla Warshowsky

Here in the Northeast, we have had a rocky spring with the temps swinging from beach weather to rainy, cool November type days. Finally it seems to have settled, the soil is warming, and we can think about getting those transplants into the garden and planting seeds for flowers and vegetables. Whether you have planted tomatoes, eggplants, or peppers from seeds indoors in March/April, or bought transplants from the local nursery, it will be almost time to move them into the garden or into large pots.

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Reclaiming the Ancient Tradition of Tree Wrapping by Jan Johnsen

Our modern insulated lifestyle with its technological advances has diminished our contact with the earth and we are now virtually cast adrift, isolated from the strength and resilience that trees can offer us. We spend such little time amongst these grand woody beings that we have lost – unknowingly – an important stabilizing and grounding anchor for our psyche. This changes once we remember to honor the energy that trees emanate. The Zen master, T. D. Suzuki, wrote in his book, Zen and Japanese Culture “Every old tree of any sort inspires a beholder with a mystic feeling which leads him to a faraway world of timeless eternity.”

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Meet the “Elephant Whisperer” Helping the Asian Elephant

| by Cheryl Shainmark

Elephant Nature Park is an elephant rescue and rehabilitation center in the Chiang Mae province of Northern Thailand. They host a number of vibrant programs: you can visit, tour, volunteer, feed, and even sleep with the elephants! Founded by Lek Chailert, known as “The Elephant Whisperer,” ten years ago on just 250 acres, the Park now encompasses over a 1,000 acres and her humane approach has spread to nearby privately owned elephant “rides.”

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Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd

People around the world are celebrating Earth Day on April 22nd. From the official Earth Day website, we read: We are now entering the 46th year of a movement that continues to inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion, and motivate people to action. In 1970, the year of our first Earth Day, the movement gave voice to an emerging consciousness, channeling human energy toward environmental issues. Forty-six years later, we continue to lead with groundbreaking ideas and by the power of our example.

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Monsanto Linked Pesticide, Not Zika Virus, May Be Cause of Birth Defects

| by Cheryl Shainmark

In a shocking new development, reports have come in that chemicals, not the Zika virus, may be responsible for the birth defects reported among pregnant women in South and Central America. As seen on the report, written by the Argentine group Physicians in the Crop-Sprayed Towns (PCST), suspects that pyriproxyfen–a larvicide added to drinking water to stop the development of mosquito larvae in drinking water tanks–has caused the birth defects. The authors said that the pesticide, known by its commercial name SumiLarv, is manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical, a Japanese subsidiary of Monsanto.

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