Healing and Transformation with Sharon Cass-Toole & Meyer Toole by Dr. Norm Shealy

“If you are as keen on learning what I have called Energy Medicine—The Future of Health, please join me and other world experts in an awesome teleseminar series; and the best part is, it won’t cost you a dime!

It’s called Healing and Transformation and it’s produced by Sharon Cass-Toole & Meyer Toole the hosts of Energy Psychology Cafe.

Sharon Cass Toole, PhD, CCA, DCEP, (C)OACCPP and clinical member, OSP is an Integrative Psychotherapist, Counselor and Wellness Coach with a private practice in Toronto, Canada. She is the founder and director of the annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference as well as founder of Meridian Psychotherapy Services and founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIET). She has been interviewed numerous times on local radio & TV. In her practice, which is both office and phone-based, she provides short-term individual therapy for emotional and psychological issues including PTSD, anxiety/panic disorders, fears and phobias, addictive cravings, pain and symptom management. Sharon is committed to delivering integrative healthcare to the community, with emphasis on Energy Psychology/Energy Medicine/Energy Psychotherapy. Her vision is to advance awareness of the practice of Energy Psychology as a developing complementary modality within the integrative mind/body arena.

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Sharon & Meyer will be interviewing me and 23 other of the world’s top energy practitioners and experts about how to address the core issues that are the key to health and vitality.

Here is a sampling of the amazing experts who will be a part of this series…

Dr. Eric Pearl

As a doctor, Eric Pearl ran a highly successful chiropractic practice for 12 years until one day his patients began reporting that they felt his hands on them — even though he hadn’t physically touched them. Patients soon reported receiving miraculous healings from cancers, AIDS-related diseases, epilepsy, chronic fatigue syndrome, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, birth disfigurements, cerebral palsy and other serious afflictions. All this occurred when Eric simply held his hands near them — and to this day, it continues. Eric Pearl will share his remarkable story and discuss what leading scientists are discovering about Reconnective Healing, as hospitals and universities around the world embrace it.

Donna Eden

Donna Eden is among the world’s most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokespersons for energy medicine. Her abilities as a healer are legendary. She has taught some 50,000 people worldwide, both laypeople and professionals, how to understand the body as an energy system. Able from childhood to clairvoyantly see the body’s subtle energies, she not only works with those energies to further health, happiness, and vitality, she has made a career of teaching people who do not see subtle energies how to work with them– joyfully and effectively.

Carol Look LCSW, D.CH

A pioneer in EFT, Carol is also well known as an internet radio host and author of “Attracting Abundance with EFT” and “Improve Your Eyesight with EFT”. She has created solutions for attracting abundance, weight loss, clearing clutter, and fear of public speaking, as well as healing pain and illness. Carol appears in the DVD documentary “The Tapping Solution” and in the documentary “Operation: Emotional Freedom”, which deals with healing PTSD in combat veterans.

Dr. Sandi Radomski ND, LCSW

Sandi Radomski, ND, LCSW is board certified in Social Work, a psychotherapist and a naturopathic doctor. Her background includes 8 years teaching in the medical school at University of Wisconsin, doing biofeedback with pain patients for 10 years, and conducting research in Psychoneuroimmunology with children with cancer. She is the creator of Allergy Antidotes and co-creator of Ask & Receive.

There are 24 speakers in all including: Dr. Alex Loyd PhD, ND, Sharon Cass-Toole & Meyer Toole, Bruno Cortis, Dr. Fred Gallo PhD, Dr. Barbara Stone PhD, Mary Sise LCSW, DCEP, David Price Francis, Philip Shepherd, Steve Wells, Joyce Hawkes PhD, Betsy Muller, Dr. Hyla Cass MD, Steve Bhaerman, Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD, PhD, Dr. Symeon Rodger, Brent Phillips, Ann Taylor, Dr. Darren Weissman DC, Dr. Daniel Amen MD, Anodea Judith PhD, and more.


And of course, me, Norm Shealy! At present I am scheduled for Thursday, March 22nd

We’ll be sharing the best of the best techniques, methods, and processes we know to help you get from where you are to where you want to be faster and easier than ever before.

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by Dr. Norm Shealy
Norm Shealy, a neurosurgeon at Duke and the founder of both the American Holistic Medical Association and the Pain Rehabilitation Center at the Shealy Institute in Missouri; and his partner Caroline Myss, Ph.D., also an Intuitive Medical Diagnostic and author of numerous books, is one of the world's leading experts in pain management. He was among the first physicians ever to specialize in the resolution of chronic pain. For more information, please visit www.selfhealthsystems.com