It’s Time To Shine Light Into The Dark Places



OVER THE YEARS has presented the Prophets Conferences in the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean, and the Great Rethinking Conferences in the U.K., considered by many to be significant events focusing on the bridging of new science and spirituality and inspiring spiritual activism. By bringing together some of the great minds of our time with similarly brilliant delegates, these kindred gatherings continue to stimulate many of us to look deeply into improving our personal lives and in turn becoming the catalysts for the creation of a workable society.THROUGH THIS DELVING INTO THE GREAT MYSTERY, intelligent conscious evolutionary fields are prompted into realization. As we join together in understanding our true nature as conscious creative beings, we begin to surpass much of our tired, stale and conditioned life scripts in favor of harmony, freedom and plentitude. Regardless of the weight of our personal and planetary folly, a rich brew is beginning to bubble beneath the surface of our discontent. A gradual growth of awareness is beginning to supplant with positive life enhancement that which is failing in workability.We at, after seeing the remarkable film “What the Bleep Do We Know!?”, were taken with how well the story of conscious responsibility and reality creation was conveyed in ways understandable to a broad audience. Out of this appreciation we decided to adopt this film as a vehicle to both show the scientific and spiritual workings of consciousness, and to encourage the next step of opening the door into maximum daily utilization of the principles portrayed.Throughout the ages many disciplines have shown us paths for realization of fundamental truths. But now, because of life’s unprecedented confusion and chaos, we find a great need to “fast track” ourselves into workable realizations of our conscious creativity. Like Dr. Emoto’s chaotic water crystals in the film, we are changing our thoughts and words and in so doing we become harmonious, coherent and powerful. Chaos is the birthing place of harmonious opportunity!IT’S TIME TO SHINE LIGHT INTO THE DARK PLACES AND IT’S TIME TO GET WISE!We invite you to join us in Santa Monica, California the weekend of February 4-6 for our first Prophets Conference taking us into the Bleep and good wishes,Cody Johnson and Robin Haines Johnson

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