Keys to Soul Evolution – A Gateway to the Next Dimension

Keys to Soul Evolution – A Gateway to the Next Dimension by Jill Mara

Review by Cheryl Shainmark

Keys to Soul Evolution is a fantastic book, channeled from a collective of 7th dimension light beings. First published in 2009, this remains a hugely relevent offering for these challenging times. Anyone who is familiar with the works of Barbara Marciniak, or Barbara Hand Clow, will recognize the style and authenticity of this work. As soon as you open this book you will feel yourself spiraling up in vibration and activating a higher awareness.

The author, Jill Mara, is a light trance channel who has devoted herself to sharing the wisdom she has gained from these multidimensional beings “in order to assist humanity in its evolution.” The collective that she works with for this book, nicknamed “Simion,” are interested in mankind’s ascension, or next step of development, and are offering assistance in the transition. They outline a variety of ways in which humankind will be changing in the days to come.

One of the key aspects is that the Earth will be changing as well, along with humans and every other species inhabiting the planet. Simion explains that as the Earth increases her vibration that we will need to accelerate as well, increasing our “Super-conductivity,” and speeding up mentally, physically, and spiritually. They offer tips for clearing away the ego layers that veil our true nature and offer methods for enhancing our sensitivity to vibrations and getting closer to the source of creative energy that powers us all. Keys to Soul Evolution is a must read for anybody looking to ease the birth pangs of this great transition to come.

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by Jill Mara
Jill Mara is a light trance channel that consciously connects with Simion, 7th dimensional light beings, among other multidimensional beings. She is dedicated to sharing the wisdom of these fellow souls in order to assist humanity in its evolution.